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What’s Your Sign?

Resurrecting some lighter posts periodically to take my mind off things. I should do more posts like these. I like it a lot more than the sad ones lately. There are coupons in our staff lounge that are for one free child for each adult at the Baltimore Zoo. My first thought was that I…

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How Are You?

A check-in post to see how everyone is doing on day one of the new normal. I’m trying to stay up to date on the news without obsessively watching the news. I’m trying to limit my social media to reading mostly positive posts, though I couldn’t resist reading and posting the news that Idris Elba…

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A Pause

My daughter is home from school until at least April 10. My library is closed until March 28. I’m sure any time now my wife will be told to work from home. A pause in regular life has been forced upon us. Maybe this is what I needed to reflect and figure out what to…

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