Anxiety Time

I mentioned last week that I had talked to a friend about becoming a substitute teacher at a local private school. I procrastinated for a week and then finally worked on my resume and cover letter yesterday. I finished them and then waited hours before sending them. I told myself I was waiting for my … More Anxiety Time

Social Media Tater

The above post popped up in my Facebook memories today. It is from the time when once a week my branch at my old job was in charge of social media posts. It was one of the few things I enjoyed about the last few years there. They eventually ruined that as well. More on … More Social Media Tater

One Year Check-In

I was all set to write another post today. I have a good chunk of it sitting in my drafts. Then I was reminded that today is an anniversary. One year ago yesterday was my last day at the library. One year ago today was my first day removed from that toxic place. So, this … More One Year Check-In