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My First Seven Jobs

This one popped up in my memories. Looking back, I Miss how much I loved working at the library at UK. Great people that made the job fun. I also miss the freedom of having a job like the newspaper job where I depended on no one but myself. After the newspaper job I worked…

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Tater Takes a Small Step.

Just a quick note for those who have followed my posts about my needing a change. Today I moved from talking to action. I have submitted my first application for a new job. Same field, very different location. I will continue my search over my four day weekend. Now that I’ve decided to stop balking…

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Living With a Ghost

There was a line in Grey’s Anatomy this week that prompted this post. I can’t recall exactly how it was phrased but the character says he “doesn’t want to live with a ghost — who he might have been if he had been brave enough to try.” That line struck a chord with me because…

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