First Day Jitters

I thought my first day as a paid member of the staff was going to be Monday. To start, I will be working Monday and Wednesday mornings and will generally be doing what I was already doing for free on Mondays. They asked if I could come in today to go with the person who … More First Day Jitters

The Simple Life

Another Saturday rerun that really resonates today. I desperately need to figure out how not to have my traditional career. My traditional career is not where I need to be mentally at this point in my life. The problem is it’s is not easy convincing others that a sabbatical while I figure out my next … More The Simple Life

I Can See Clearly Now

I had fooled myself into believing that things would change.  I had fooled myself into thinking things would work out.  I went against years of evidence and starting being optimistic about things. I am no longer fooled. Things are the same way they always were. Any change that has happened has not changed my standing. … More I Can See Clearly Now