Some Ideas I’ve Had Recently

I was talking to someone at work about TV crossovers and mentioned that Bret Harrison and Tyler Labine had appeared on another show as their Reaper characters. In Reaper, Ray Wise played the devil Ray Wise is now on Fresh Off the Boat as the dentist neighbor Marvin. I really want them to show up briefly on that show so that those if us who watched Reaper now know that Marvin is actually the devil.

Another, more mundane TV one – I want Blue Bloods and Magnum PI to crossover so Tom Selleck appears on the new Magnum as his Blue Bloods character. It seems wrong to have them on the same network and not find a way to have the Magnums interact.

There were two stories back to back this week on the news. One was about the Space X rocket. The other was about anti-vaxers. I feel like we could fix some issues by combining the two. Put the anti-vaxers on the Space X rocket and send them to colonize the moon.

This is one I’ve had for a while – Tinder for Books. A Tinder type app where you put in your info as a reader and then swipe left or right on the books. Connect with Amazon or a local library so when you swipe right you can either buy or place a hold on the book.

I think I’m a genius.


Closed Due to Unusually Clement Weather

I think it’s time the world adopt my idea I’ve been pushing for a while. Clement weather days.

Every winter schools, offices and businesses close down due to inclement weather. Everyone gets a day to stay at home. Most of us are happy. When you have small children, you spend time outside building a snowman or just watching the kids enjoy the snow.  It all sounds nice and fun and it is, but there are problems with this scenario. It is cold outside, eventually you will have to shovel the driveway and the kids will grow up. I still like my snow days. I have no problem with the new reality of spending them with my daughter binge watching some sitcom on Netflix. I will still enjoy them next year when she’s away at college and I will be watching TV alone. I will still enjoy them, but I will still have to shovel snow eventually and it will be cold.

Today it is in the 60’s here. This is after a long stretch of very cold weather, some snow, and a little bit of ice. We had wind chills of below zero. Today feels like summer in comparison. Today is the day I want to stay away from work. Not the days when you don’t want to go outside. So, I propose clement weather days. When it is forecast to be 60 degrees and sunny in the middle of winter in an area where it is usually cold schools, offices and businesses will close down so everyone can enjoy the brief respite from winter. I think it would improve the mood of the entire community and relieve winter stress.

Sure there will be the same issues with this as there are with snow days. Some years schools will call a clement day early and it won’t get as warm as forecast or it will rain. Not every plan is perfect.

I think this is a winning idea. I might win a Nobel for this one.


My Brilliant Ideas

TV Ideas:

Justin Bieber stars in a TV show about a suburban family – Leave it to Bieber

A Partridge Family update starring a variety of Disney kids with Billy Ray Cyrus in the Shirley Jones role.

Forget Ashton Kutcher. Hire Corey Feldman to replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men.

Paris Hilton/Nicole Ritchie showdown and Celebrity Survivor.

Library Display Ideas:

Band Books Week – Display all the rock star bios that have been released recently

You Could Learn A Lot From a Dummy – Dummies books displayed with a crash test dummy doll.

Valentine’s Day – couple love books with divorce books and stalker movies to show both sides of love.