Government Ineptness – Maryland MVA Edition: A Bonus Tater Rant

My daughter recently turned 21 so it is time for her to renew her driver’s license. She tried to do it online, but the system said she was not eligible to do so. We assumed it was because she needed a new picture for the over 21 license. She made an appointment do renew her … More Government Ineptness – Maryland MVA Edition: A Bonus Tater Rant

Tater’s Take on Flake

Everyone is talking about Flake’s speech about Trump. Flake even wrote an op-ed against Trump for the Washington Post. While I’m happy whenever someone speaks out against Trump, I’m not impressed with Flake for  couple of reasons. Flake has voted with Trump 90% of the time. He’s not against Trump policies or political stances.  He’s only … More Tater’s Take on Flake

Bureau of Jerks

My daughter’s third grade class arranged a field trip to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in DC for today.  We were scheduled to go in as two groups starting at 10:15.  Because DC traffic sucks(due in part to horribly timed traffic lights) we arrived a few minutes late for the first tour.  The lovely … More Bureau of Jerks