Looking Ahead to the Rest of 2023

I never make any official resolutions. I feel like mine would be the same every year and I would feel like a failure each year when I have to keep making the same ones over and over again. While not making official resolutions, I do have a few things I want to focus on for … More Looking Ahead to the Rest of 2023

A 6 Month Check-In

Yesterday I published an article on Medium titled A 6 Month Check-In On My Reading Diversity in 2022. Spoiler – I have nost succeeded in diversifying my reading. I looked today to see if I had posted goals or resolutions for the year. I did not. I did find something I posted that was a … More A 6 Month Check-In


I’ve been thinking about posting a list of goals for 2020 but then I look back at my goals for 2019, think about how I failed at them and figure there is no point in making up new goals. I said I would keep my yearly goal of reading 100 books for the year and … More 2020

Changing Goals

More on the topic of goals today. I was asked yesterday about goals and specifically asked if a certain job was my goal. It would have served me in the short term to just say yes, that is my career goal. Did I do that? Of course not. My problem over the years is that … More Changing Goals

Goal Check-In

I was asked again today about career goals. I said again that sometimes it is hard to have a career goal when my goal might be to have a job that is not open or to have a job that they won’t hire me to do. I thought about posting a big thing about goals … More Goal Check-In