Tater Talks Game of Thrones

I have about ten minutes before I have to leave for work and no time to write after so I thought I would say something about the end of Game of Thrones.

Caution Spoilers Ahead

I started the story of Game of Thrones years ago with the books. I was invested enough to ask my wife to walk to the DC library from her office to get one of the books for me because they got it before I could get it from my library. I’ve been reading and watching for a long time and had my favorite characters and thoughts on how I would end the series. It did not end with the king I expected or wanted. I think it was an odd choice, but I’m not the writer, so I have no say in the end. I was happy about the fate of most of the characters left alive at the end.

Sansa declares the north an independent country and is Queen of the North.

Arya is off on adventures.

Jon is with the wildlings north of the wall and free from all of the politics he hated and was bad at.

Tyrion is Hand of the King and doing what he does best – drinking(I assume) and knowing things.

Bronn got his castle and control of the kingdom’s money.

Davos is in charge of the Navy.

Brienne is Commander of the King’s Guard.

Sam is Grand Maester.

Podrick is a knight.

The season felt rushed. It needed more episodes. I think Bran was an odd choice to end up on the throne, but overall, I was satisfied with the end for most of the characters.

A Song of Ice and Wah

The only thing more popular than Game of Thrones these days is writing blog posts and articles saying you are done with Game of Thrones. I get why people don’t want to watch a show that has rape scenes, murders, deaths of favorite characters, etc. What I don’t get is how people watched for five seasons and just now realized the show is extremely dark and depicts scenes of very bad things happening to people.

Below there be spoilers

In the first season a young boy is thrown out a window after he witnesses the queen having sex with her brother.

A guy is killed by molten gold being poured on his head.

Ned Stark is beheaded.

It gets worse from there. There is the red wedding, the Cersei and Jaime scene that most believe was rape and then this season we have the repeated rape and beating of Sansa, a little girl burned as a sacrifice and a fan favorite being killed.

I get that these scenes are very hard to watch. I get that plenty of people don’t want to watch a show with these scenes. I have no problem with someone deciding not to watch the show. What I have a problem with is how it seems to now be the fashion for reviewers, writers, etc to loudly announce that they will stop watching the show because of all the bad stuff. OK, that’s great. Why did you keep watching until now? It’s no secret that the Game of Thrones world is a brutal world and is especially bad for women. It’s been shown over and over again. It’s been shown not just with the brutality on-screen, but with the scenes where Daenerys struggles to try to change the status quo as a ruler.  If this is something you can’t watch, you probably should have stopped watching in season one or reading after book one.

Again, I’m fine with someone deciding not to watch the show for personal reasons.  Everyone has the right to make their own decisions on what to watch and what to read and when to stop watching a reading. The problem I have are the bandwagon people who are jumping on the “I’m never watching again” bandwagon because it is the in thing these days. Stop watching if you want. Just don’t feel the need to tell the world about it in a “look at me. I’m better than you” blog post or review.