Life Without Facebook

I went to the library yesterday morning to return some books. I went back to the one where I worked for the first time in months. Monday mornings are safe because I know I can avoid seeing the toxic person who somehow still has a leadership position. I was there for more than an hour … More Life Without Facebook

Change Happens

I recently had no idea what to wrote so I asked readers to give me ideas. I got a few responses, but the majority of them were people saying what they like about what I’ve already written. So, most of y’all failed the assignment. Do better. I did get a suggestion from LA to write … More Change Happens


I have recently been contemplating seriously reducing the number of “friends” I have on Facebook and setting my updates as friends only. This seemed like a good way not to worry about people being upset about what I post. Then I think “It’s my Facebook. I can post whatever I want and if they don’t … More Facebook…..Again


I admit that I am a Facebook addict.  I am a Facebook addict because until recently I could count on my friends to post interesting articles, funny statuses, pictures of themselves doing interesting things, etc. It was also fun at the beginning to keep finding old friends I had not seen in a long time.  … More Facebook