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What’s on TV Tonight 9/16/14

The fall season doesn’t really start until Sunday, but there are a few things on tonight, so I thought I would state early. Maybe I should do this every day since I can’t think of other stuff to write. So, here’s what’s on tonight. NBC – America’s Got Talent – final six perform FOX –…

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Pop Culture Police

Yesterday, I came across this article from Kentucky about two librarians who decided they would refuse to give a tween a book because they decided it was “pornographic”.  Today, I decided to read Tom Shales, even though I don’t like him and think he should not write about TV when he seems to hate the…

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Whip It: A Reviewlet

Unfortunately, I am now two days removed from seeing the movie, so my thoughts are not as fresh and easy to articulate as they would have been had I had time to write this earlier. The good:  Ellen Page is very good in both the roller derby scenes and the scenes with her parents.  Daniel…

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