A History of Dumb Posts on Election Day

I figured out how to search my Facebook timeline and copied and pasted every dumb thing I could find that I’ve posted on election day. The list is smaller than I thought it would be. Maybe my search was faulty.  Now I can just share this every year. Anyway, enjoy.

Every election year I consider moving to Canada not because of the candidates but because of the Americans discussing the candidates.

I’m too old to rock the vote, but I’m gonna smooth jazz the heck out of it.

Alan Simpson was voting in the U.S. Election.

Nov 08, 2016 4:30pm

I actually voted last week. Maybe I will do it again.
Still too old to rock the vote but I’m about to smooth jazz the heck out of it
I worry as we move in to fall that the voting public in the United States will develop a weird love of Pumpkin Spice Hitler and vote for him.
Exercise your right to vote. It’s likely the only exercise you will get this week.
Vote. The line is shorter than your usual line at Starbucks.
Vote Tater – Pot in every car and a chicken in every garage(I’m Tater and I approve this message)


I opted not to go the straight-ticket route this election. I only voted for gay candidates