School Update

It seems these days I’m doing more of an online journal thing like I did on LiveJournal. I don’t plan to continue this, but since I have an update from yesterday’s post I guess I will do it. Yesterday I wrote about the School Limbo we were in where the university emailed about a hybrid … More School Update

School Limbo

Update – housing has officially been canceled. Everything sucks. Yesterday was the day we were supposed to hear from my daughter’s college about plans for the fall semester. The day went by and there was no email. Finally, right as I was about to go to bed she gets the email As expected, the plan … More School Limbo

Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance

Originally posted on The World's Common Tater:
If you are friends with me on Facebook, you have probably seen the “stupid school” articles I share.  Many of the stupid school decisions are based on a zero-tolerance policy. The most recent one that really made me mad was this one: where a high school…

Tater Talks Teachers

I had another topic in mind for today that I pushed to Thursday when I saw some posts about Teacher Appreciation Week. I decided to use today’s post to write about some of my favorite teachers at each level. Elementary School –  I have to admit that I really don’t remember much about my elementary school … More Tater Talks Teachers


Today is the first day of May. May means the beginning of the countdown to a lot of big happenings for us. Today is Professional Development Day at work. The branches are closed and we are all gathering in one place. This is not a big day for me this year as I will not … More Countdown

A Short Rant

The Youth Media Awards were announced this week. The book Hello, Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly won the Newbery Award. I saw one person on Facebook comment that the one review of the book mentioned that the r word is used a lot in the book. I don’t know what review that was, but I … More A Short Rant

College…Or Not

I recently read this article in the Washington Post – Elitists, crybabies and junky degrees A Trump supporter explains rising conservative anger at American universities. I don’t agree with the people quoted that colleges are brainwashing young adults and turning them into liberal elites, but I do agree with the premise that college is not … More College…Or Not