Death Dreams

I mentioned yesterday that it has been a high anxiety/low mood time for me. There are various outside factors that I can pinpoint as the triggers for both of those. Those factors are still there so I’m looking at probably having another week like that. To add to the fun this morning – I had … More Death Dreams

Winning the Lottery

Both the Powerball and Mega Millions are at ridiculously high jackpots right now. High enough that when I was out picking up books and DVDs from the library yesterday I bought one of each. I’ve written before about what I would do if I won the lottery. I decided to once again revisit my list … More Winning the Lottery


I’ve had a series of unsettling dreams lately making for mornings with an unsettled mind. Most of the time, I forget the details of the dream before I am coherent enough to make note of what the dream was about. A couple I do remember: A Pet Sematary inspired dream where all the people around … More Unsettled

Alternating Dreams

I’ve always said that a clear sign that it is time to leave a job when you start dreaming about work. I’ve never actually left a job because I started dreaming about it. To do that, I would need someone else who is willing to hire me. Anywho, if I did follow that rule, it … More Alternating Dreams