The Weather Channel v Direct TV

In the latest battle between a television company and a network over pricing has now resulted in Directv dropping The Weather Channel. I have no idea what the pricing issues are, so I can’t legitimately take a side. I do, however, have an opinion on The Weather Channel’s statement following being pulled. They actually put themselves on par with a public utility and say that this could harm public safety. Really? How many people actually rely on The Weather Channel for all of their weather information? The people with satellite can’t even get a local forecast.  What do they get with The Weather Channel?

Named winter storms.

Weather documentaries instead of weather news.

No local forecasts.

Nothing of importance they can’t find online or on a local news broadcast.

If I was a customer, I would not be upset at all if I no longer had The Weather Channel. I wish we could pick and choose what channels we want and pay a fee based on those channels. I would drop all but about 20 channels. The Weather Channel would have been one of the first to go.



We Only Want the New

I am approaching the end of my original Verizon FIOS contract. I called today to see if I could lock in a new contract at a decent price so I won’t have to deal with a $40 a month increase in my bill. I was told the have nothing to offer me at this time. New customers, however, can lock in a two year contract for less than I am currently paying. I’m not asking for that deal, though it would be nice. I just don’t want to pay over $400 a year more for my service. Unfortunately, they don’t care enough about existing customers to do anything. I guess they think I will think it is worth the money to not switch services. I love Verizon FIOS until I have to call the customer service department about things like this.

They are not alone. I had Directv for years. I would consistently see new services being offered to new customers for free, but that I as an existing customer had to pay quite a bit to get. Finally, when my box died, I used that as an excuse to move in to Verizon only to discover the same apathy towards their existing customers. All they care about are the shiny new customers. Perhaps I should see what other companies are offering if I switch.

Alan and the horrible, no good, very bad Directv DVR

I recently discovered that I can no longer watch the shows I have recorded on my Directv DVR.  It’s not just the current recordings.  It includes recordings from months ago. I also can no longer pause live TV or rewind and watch live TV without the picture freezing.  When this happens, nothing will get me back to live TV except hitting the reset button.  My calls to Directv have done no good.  They have no clue how to fix the problem and have said even a new receiver will have the same problem.  They also claimed to have never heard of such a problem until I looked online and found forums on their own site where people were reporting problems like this TWO YEARS ago.  When I called back and mentioned this, they still claimed that the earliest reported problem was last week. Apparently, they expected me to continue to pay for the service that does not work and wait in hopes that some day they might figure out how to fix it.  After my saying I would not pay for the service if it doesn’t work, they finally agreed to credit my account until the service works again.  This is not the first problem I have had with Directv.  I’ve dealt with rude and clueless customer service representatives before.  Most of the people answering the phones have no knowledge of the basics of Directv service. Most times I call I end up asking to speak to a supervisor.  One time a representative set the phone down while talking to my wife and never came back to the phone. We could hear them in the background, but they would not pick up.  We dealt with all of this because, in general, the service worked well and we could deal with an occasional horrible customer service experience.  Now, though, the service no longer works, and the customer service still sucks.  After nine years as a customer, Directv has finally driven me away. FIOS here we come.