Too Much Sleep

A while back I wrote about how my sleep pattern was off after a trip and how much I needed sleep. I’m now having the exact opposite problem. Now that I’m not staying up too late watching baseball, I tend to go up to my bedroom earlier than normal. I generally try to read for … More Too Much Sleep

Monday Again

Here I am again. Monday morning with an overwhelming sense of melancholy about having to leave the house. Another Monday morning with no blog post ideas. I saw on Twitter a discussion of how far in advance people schedule blog posts. There are people out there who have weeks worth of blog posts done and … More Monday Again

Taking a Step

Readers of this space will know that I have struggled recently with coping with life in general. I’ve always had periods where I struggled with anxiety and worry. I’ve had down moods, but I always just coped with it, powered through and moved on. The last few years, I’ve found it harder and harder to … More Taking a Step

What Now?

Labor Day weekend is over. My kids are both living about 40 minutes away from my house now. The days are getting shorter. I have no work holidays until November. I assume there will be no handing out candy on Halloween. I have no idea what Christmas will look like. I’ve given up on my … More What Now?