Some Normal

If you are like me, you are very tired of living in unprecedented times and would like a little bit of normal in your life. It was an odd Labor Day weekend with a late Kentucky Derby. My daughter is back at school. but still taking online classes. My job is still very different than … More Some Normal

An Odd Derby Day

The Kentucky Derby is a big event at our house. Well, at least for two of us. I don’t think my son cares and my wife refuses to watch horse racing because she’s afraid something bad will happen to a horse. My daughter and I always watch. Even when we are in different places we … More An Odd Derby Day


I am not an optimistic person. I always assume the worst. I feel like that is the better bet. It’s easier to assume the worst and be surprised when it doesn’t happen than to be sad when you expect good things and they don’t happen. It’s probably not a healthy way to live, but that’s … More Optimism

It Has Really Sucked

That’s not me in the picture. But honestly, for the better part of the last 4 months or so, it could have been. Every night around 9 pm, I sit at this exact — Read on The above article is from Kentucky Sports Radio. The radio show revolves around University of Kentucky sports. When … More It Has Really Sucked

Mixed Feelings

This was my first day this week that was fully work from home. I went back to work 4 hours a day on Thursday. This week more staff started to come back to work. The good: It was nice to see people face to face again. It was good to get out of the house. … More Mixed Feelings