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A Pause

My daughter is home from school until at least April 10. My library is closed until March 28. I’m sure any time now my wife will be told to work from home. A pause in regular life has been forced upon us. Maybe this is what I needed to reflect and figure out what to…

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Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Wednesday is my evening at work so I am at home until 12:30 or so. That gives me plenty of time to be alone with my thoughts. Here are the ones for today, mostly brought to me by the coronavirus. I’m sad about the disruption of school for my daughter. It sucks to go from…

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This Is Sort of a Virus Post

I was writing a post about my thoughts on some of the reactions and decisions around the coronavirus. I had a good amount written and changed my mind. I’m not sure anyone needs my thoughts added on to all of the discussion that is out there. I will say a few short things about life…

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