It Has Really Sucked

That’s not me in the picture. But honestly, for the better part of the last 4 months or so, it could have been. Every night around 9 pm, I sit at this exact — Read on The above article is from Kentucky Sports Radio. The radio show revolves around University of Kentucky sports. When … More It Has Really Sucked

School Limbo

Update – housing has officially been canceled. Everything sucks. Yesterday was the day we were supposed to hear from my daughter’s college about plans for the fall semester. The day went by and there was no email. Finally, right as I was about to go to bed she gets the email As expected, the plan … More School Limbo

The New Normal

I hate the phrase “the new normal” I see it everywhere. Everyone talks about the new normal in regards to everything. The new normal when it comes to business openings. The new normal when it comes to travel. The new normal at amusement parks. The new normal in everyday life. I get that right now … More The New Normal

I Have Not Improved

A surprise bonus second post today. I considered scheduling it for Saturday, but I might have something else I want to write at that point. There has been a lot of talk about using the time in lockdown to learn new things. People are learning other languages. People are learning to bake bread and to … More I Have Not Improved

I Miss Travel

One year ago today we arrived in Baku. Two years ago today I was looking for someone to take us to the airport for our upcoming trip to London and Paris. There was a possibility of a trip to Bhutan this summer. This year we don’t know what a possible trip to Kentucky to see … More I Miss Travel