Tater Talks TV Doctors

I watch the news a lot. Probably too much, even now when I’ve tried to cut don on news for the sake of my mental health. I’ve always been a little irritated with the TV doctors who pop up on the talk shows to discuss medical issues. With Covid, they are all over the place.

My attempt to have the lighter shows like Kelly Clarkson and Ellen on in the background while I work was interrupted today with a special report on Trump being released from the hospital today. The news was followed by NBC bringing on their three doctors to give the expert opinion. I have thoughts from that, but before I start two things to make clear:

I am not a fan of Trump.

I believe the virus is real and dangerous.

I don’t want anyone to interpret anything here as me saying anything different.

Ok, now, number one – I think it is irresponsible for a medical professional to go on TV to speculate about the health of patient they have not examined. They can give a broad opinion about the disease in general, but without examining the patient in question you really should have no opinion on their treatment or release.

Two – I find most TV experts suspect. I imagine you can find an expert to say whatever you want them to say if you pat them enough money. I imagine FOX News can find experts to say the complete opposite of that the NBC experts are saying. I trust no one.

Third – they actually brought Joseph Fair on to give his opinion. I wrote about him here. He is the NBC guy who was all over the Today Show talking about how he had a severe case of Covid an how he had to have gotten it through his tear ducts because he had been so careful. Problem was, he tested negative multiple times and also tested negative for antibodies. Was he sick? Yes, probably. Did he have Covid? Apparently not. Did that stop him from saying he did over and over again on TV? Nope. Did they ever admit that on air? Not sure. Does he still get to go on TV and be an expert on the disease? Apparently so. Why would I trust him now?

Don’t even get me started on Dr. Oz.

In a nutshell – I don’t think you should automatically believe someone on TV just because they have Dr in their name. Same goes for Twitter and Facebook posts. Do research. Gather facts. Don’t just believe people who are being paid to give an opinion.

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Ready to Rip Van Winkle

I recently watched 28 Days Later. At the beginning of the movie the main character wakes from a coma to discover he missed the zombie apocalypse. After that, on Twitter, I saw a conversation where someone mentioned they would like to be like Rip Van Winkle and sleep until all of this is over. I get how they feel. I don’t want to be like the 28 Days Later guy and wake up to the end of the world. I don’t really want to be in an accident that causes a coma, but waking up to this being over is a pleasant idea. A pandemic, a bad work situation, the realization that you have no circle besides your immediate family. It’s a really tough time. Why wouldn’t I want to Rip Van Winkle my way past it?

This isn’t the first time this idea has popped in my head. Various times over the years when I have struggled I’ve thought about how I wish I could fast forward to better times. Sometimes that thought involved some sort of sleeping until it was over thought. Why don’t we have the technology we see in sci-fi where we can go into some sort f cryo sleep and be revived years later without aging? It’s probably not healthy to want to sleep through your problems, but I think 2020 is something I would gladly miss.

Of course, it is less of a desire now that I have a family. With a family, I would miss more than the pandemic. I would miss time with my kids. Maybe they could cryo sleep with me.

Am I the only one? Anyone else wish they could Rip Van Winkle their way past all of this?

Looking Forward – Some Answers

During my time at home in the spring I had some questions as I looked forward to whatever the future brings. Let’s see what answers I have.

Can I really spend more than a few more months working somewhere that steals my joy?

The answer mentally and emotionally is no. Unfortunately, I really don’t have a choice. Now is not a great time to consider changing jobs/careers. I’m stuck.

Can I figure out a way to take a sabbatical and figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life?

Technically, the answer is yes. Realistically, the answer is no. I can’t do this without buy in from others and others aren’t buying it. Early retirement does not appear to be considered a valid life plan. Quitting and figuring things out for a few months before moving on is also not seen as a valid life plan. Again, I am stuck.

Are the people I spend my time with the people I should be spending my time with?

Undetermined. It seems it will be a long time before I spend time with anyone not in my immediate family. Maybe it is better this way.

Who am I finding I miss seeing and who are the ones I’ve figured out I don’t miss at all?

Mainly, at this point I only miss my kids and my family in Kentucky. I was pretty solitary before this. I’m solitary now. Hard to miss what you never had.

Am I living a life that makes a difference?

No. That is one thing that would change if I could take a sabbatical. Even though some think I would “sit around and do nothing” what I would do is volunteer to help in the community where needed. There are plenty of places that could use my help these days.

Would I be happy coming out of this the same me I was when it started?

No. I have gone as far as looking up therapists covered by my insurance. I just can’t bring myself to make the call. If I can’t change my circumstances I can at least work on coping with them.

What things in my life am I finding I don’t miss?

Rush hour traffic. Some social obligations.

What things do I miss more than I expected?

The little things. Coffee out while reading my book and people watching. Going to football games. The possibility of going to a live concert. Travel, even domestic. The feeling of normal.

So, no real answers. Same old same old.

A Defense of Distraction

We are just a few days removed from the anniversary of 9/11. Someone mentioned on Facebook how all the TV networks covered the aftermath 24/7 and cable networks went dark, I remember the days of television being 24/7 coverage of the recovery efforts and stories of the day. I remember for a time it was necessary. I also remember a point where I voiced the opinion on a listserv that I thought it was time for the 24/7 coverage to stop and for entertainment television to return. I also remember someone writing back an angry response calling me insensitive. I still stand by my thought at the time that it was better for people to have the distraction of random television shows if they so chose.

We are now in the middle of a pandemic. There are massive fires out west. There is social unrest. In the midst of this we also have NBA basketball, NFL football, MLB baseball and the US Open. There was a article in the paper recently where the columnist implied that no one really cared about sports these days and that it was all just background noise. He is probably right that many people don’t care about sports. Many people didn’t care about sports before the pandemic and they wasn’t start now. There are some people who probably used to care about sports who now don’t. There are some like me who do care if their team wins and loves having sports back. Even if it is just background noise isn’t that important as well?

When we were in lockdown and I was working from home all day I would have the news on in the background. It didn’t take ling for me to realize that this was not healthy for me. I switched over to game shows and once the NBA started I had that on in the background while I worked. I needed a break from the stress of the news. I’ve binged shows on Netflix. We are catching up on shows we had on the DVR. I’m watching and caring about sports. I still read the newspaper every morning and I watch the morning news. I check my state’s Covid numbers every day. I’m not ignoring the news. I just find things to take my mind off the stress of all of the bad news.

Distraction isn’t insensitive. It’s a vital mental health need.

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College and Corona

There is a lot in the news about colleges and corona. Campuses that have had large outbreaks and have sent students home. Colleges that have suspended in person learning. Colleges that are doing OK so far(not that they make the news). Debate about sending students home once there is an outbreak. I agree with Dr Fauci on that one. It makes no sense to send students back to multiple communities to spread the virus. It seems better to keep them on isolated on campus. I thought that was what my daughter’s school was doing until yesterday.

My daughter’s school has a Covid dashboard and one number they report is quarantine and isolation housing numbers. I had heard one story of someone who was possible exposed and was quarantining in an on campus apartment. It seemed like they were not sending them home. Then, yesterday, we received an email from the university with information on Covid procedures. In the letter it says that students who test positive should isolate at their permanent address unless there are extenuating It says the same for people who need to quarantine for contact with someone with Covid. So, her school has decided it makes sense to bring all the students to campus and then, once they get Covid or are exposed to Covid, send them off to their homes to infect their families. Smart move.

They also said this also pertains to students in off campus housing unless the University Health Center decides they are allowed to quarantine in place. I’m confused about how they think they have control over this. If a student is paying rent in a place not owned by the university how does the university get to decide if they an quarantine there? I have noticed that they seem to treat the apartments where my daughter lives like it is on campus housing. I guess because it is right across the street from campus and is basically all student residents. Still, I’m not sure how they can tell someone to vacate while they are still obligated to pay rent to a private company. I feel some lawsuits coming.

So, I guess if my daughter comes into contact with someone with Covid it will mean that I will also be in quarantine since I will have to drive her home and she will be in the same house as me.

Funny how we all say follow the science until the science says keep the students there and then we ignore it.

Some Normal

If you are like me, you are very tired of living in unprecedented times and would like a little bit of normal in your life. It was an odd Labor Day weekend with a late Kentucky Derby. My daughter is back at school. but still taking online classes. My job is still very different than it was before. It’s all very stressful and depressing. Luckily, I’ve had something recently that feels somewhat normal: fantasy football.

I sent out the email recently about getting our league set up for the new season. At the last minute, two people decided that they did not want to play this year. One cited “the state of professional sports” I’m not sure why the are out. I just know that I need this to feel like something is normal. We scrambled and found two new people to join, so the league will continue.

This means that I have spent the weekend transferring teams to the new players and getting things ready for our draft tonight. Part of that is the usual harassing of the slow people who have not told me who their keeper players are yet. There has also been a string of text messages from people regarding the league and other random things. The draft is tonight, so I will spend time today making sure everything is set up for that to happen and then at 9 I will be online drafting a team and chatting with the other players.

The NFL season starts Thursday night. I’m really looking forward to watching football again. I’m looking forward to looking at the stats to see how my fantasy tam is doing. I’m looking forward to a Sunday afternoon watching my Ravens play. I’m looking forward to something that is somewhat normal. I need it.

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An Odd Derby Day

The Kentucky Derby is a big event at our house. Well, at least for two of us. I don’t think my son cares and my wife refuses to watch horse racing because she’s afraid something bad will happen to a horse.

My daughter and I always watch. Even when we are in different places we watch while texting. We watch the horses walk out and pick our winner based on how they look on the walk. We refuse pick the favorite because that’s too easy. We would love to pick the actual winner, but the real goal is for my horse to beat her horse. We do the same for the Preakness and Belmont.

It’s already odd that the Belmont has ready happened. It’s odd that Derby day is bringing the end of summer when it is usually one of the harbingers of summers return. It will be odd not to see all of the people in their hats.

It’s odd, but I’m looking forward to it for the same reason I hope football can happen. I need normal. The rest of my life is not normal and may not be for a long time. The Derby, football and fantasy football will help get a little normal in my life.

My Lasts Before the Pandemic

I saw someone ask on Twitter what was the last movie people saw in the theater before the pandemic. This post was inspired by that. Some of these lasts were way before the pandemic because I don’t do much.

Last movie in theater – Rise of Skywalker while we were in Kentucky for Christmas.

Last meal in a restaurant – Fuji Japanese Steakhouse for my daughter’s birthday the weekend before the lockdowns started.

Last concert – way back in the fall. Dave Hause at DC9.

Last nonKentucky trip – the summer trip to Baku, Azerbaijan

Last Public Event – College Game Day with my daughter at University of Maryland.

Last Social Event – I assume it was book club at a friend’s house. I don’t do many social events.

Last Sports in Person – The Ravens losing to the Titans in the playoffs.

That’s all I can think of. I’m sure other people probably have more things they do regularly. I don’t go out much, but I miss the days when I could go to large public events or really go anywhere without worrying about it.

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I am not an optimistic person. I always assume the worst. I feel like that is the better bet. It’s easier to assume the worst and be surprised when it doesn’t happen than to be sad when you expect good things and they don’t happen. It’s probably not a healthy way to live, but that’s me.

I’m at a point now, though, that I need optimism. I need optimism because everything pretty much sucks. The news is all terrible. We are still social distancing and kids can’t go back to school in person. There’s a good chance we won’t have college football this fall. My job still depresses me. My daughter moves into her apartment near college this week where she will live even if school is all virtual this year. This means my life will be going to a job that is slowly killing me and then clocking out to hours at home alone while my wife is still working coupled with worry about my kids who don’t live with us. I need optimism.

So many other people seem determined to dash any optimism. I still look at the coronavirus numbers every day. There is some reason for optimism there. Maryland’s numbers are looking better every day. Yesterday, the national numbers were at the lowest they’ve been in a while. I look at the Twitter threads because people post more detailed numbers in the threads that I find interesting. Unfortunately, the threads are also full of people determined to end any optimism. They point out any reason they can find to discredit any positive trends. There are always the “just wait two weeks” people. News about football gets posted and people jump on to be the first to opine that the season won’t happen. It’s all doom and gloom and nothing will ever be normal again. We will see headlines about how UNC failed at in person college, but any success stories will either be buried or ignore completely. We are addicted to bad news porn.

I need optimism and positivity. I just don’t know where to find it.

A Messaging Issue

In an email, the head of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources told employees to wear face masks on teleconferences even when they’re not around others to set a good example during the COVID pandemic
— Read on www.kansascity.com/news/nation-world/national/article244861827.html

I’ve considered writing about issues with messaging during the pandemic, but kept putting it off. The above article is a good example of the type of thing I am talking about.

It is a good thing to encourage people to wear masks. It is a good thing to ask your employees to be a good example. It is a good thing to have masking rules. The above is not a good thing. This type of messaging will make anti-mask people more likely to ridicule mask rules, not more likely to comply. This type of messaging might push people wavering more toward the anti-maskers. This doesn’t look like good policy. This looks like an overstep of authority at worst and poor decision making at best.

This is not the messaging we need to get people to comply with masking.

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