A Local News Annoyance

Watching the local news is part of my morning routine. I make my coffee. I turn on the TV and tune to the local news to play in the background while I read the newspaper. Yes, I am old. I like the local news team I watch. They are a good team and they seem … More A Local News Annoyance

The Pandemic Olympics

I recently watched the show Ginny and Georgia on Netflix. There was a scene that was talked about a lot where two characters play what one called the “Oppression Olympics” That phrase popped in my head when I read another piece by an author that mentioned how he had not been to a grocery store … More The Pandemic Olympics

Messaging is Important

I read a editorial in the Washington Post this morning from Dr. Leana Wen. where she laments the CDC being too timid in their guidelines for vaccinated people. She thinks that a timid version of guidelines for vaccinated people will encourage vaccine hesitancy. Why get the vaccine if they say you still shouldn’t travel, dine … More Messaging is Important

TV and the Pandemic

Broadcast network TV has returned. There has been a mix in the way shows have dealt with the pandemic. Some shows(Seal Team, several sitcoms) have decided to completely ignore the pandemic. Some shows(Prodigal Son, Blue Bloods, Magnum) have acknowledged that the pandemic happened but the action takes place post-pandemic. Last Man Standing started the first … More TV and the Pandemic