Throwback Thursday: Axe Throwing at a Library Conference

Five years ago I was in Philadelphia for the Public Library Association Conference. A snowstorm hit the east coast the night before the conference. I was lucky to be able to change my train to leave before the snow hit. I was able to get an extra night in my hotel because another conference was … More Throwback Thursday: Axe Throwing at a Library Conference

Going Virtual

I’m about 30 minutes away from logging into the opening keynote speaker for the Maryland/Delaware Library Conference. I have attended MLA/DLA for years. I have been on the conference planning committee multiple times. I have been on the MLA executive board. I am as involved as I can be in the association. I love going … More Going Virtual

A Tuesday Tater Update

I have a few minutes before I head off to the ALA closing session so I thought I would write a little about why I haven’t posted since Friday(missing my usual What’s Good post). I’ve been attending the American Library Association Conference in DC since Friday. The conference opened with Jason Reynolds and then the … More A Tuesday Tater Update

Postus Interruptus

I was a few sentences in to a post this morning about feeling residual anxiety from a dream last night and how that is rare for me. I was already struggling to get the wording the way I wanted when there was a knock at the door. As I mentioned earlier in Destruction Day, are … More Postus Interruptus