I found on on Friday that a relatively new volunteer was hired for the job I briefly held at the farm. I’m glad they found someone else. I hope he finds the job is the right fit for him. I got a text from the facilities manager Sunday morning asking if I still wanted to … More Changes


I wrote before about how I needed to adjust my writing schedule because of my new barn schedule. I have not done that, so I have multiple days a week when I don’t write anything besides my TV post. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but my weeks seem off without my routine. Other things … More Routineless

A Positive Change?

Two houses on my street were sold recently. Both families moved out this weekend. One new family appears to already be moving into one of the houses. I’m not sad that the two families moved. I barely knew them even though we have lived on the same street for years. I think I only talked … More A Positive Change?

Schedule Changes

Recently, the riding place where I volunteer sent out an email asking for volunteers to join the facilities team. They needed someone to work Monday mornings doing things like dragging the field, driving around with the water tank to fill water troughs, etc. I volunteered, partly because I removed myself from Saturdays, assuming they would … More Schedule Changes

Change Happens

I recently had no idea what to wrote so I asked readers to give me ideas. I got a few responses, but the majority of them were people saying what they like about what I’ve already written. So, most of y’all failed the assignment. Do better. I did get a suggestion from LA to write … More Change Happens