Actors I Will Always Watch

I’m watching The Righteous Gemstones. This is the first episode with Walton Goggins. It made me think about what actors will always get me to watch a show or a movie. So, here’s a list.

  1. Walton Goggins – This is a relatively new one for me, but I’ve loved him n everything he’s done. I will watch The Unicorn this fall only because he is the start. The premise of the show with any other actor would probably make it a skip for me.
  2. Timothy Olyphant – I loved Justified. Olyphant and Goggins were really good in it. Like Goggins, Olyphant is also very good at comedy. I’m looking forward to his next project.
  3. Gary Cole – I watched Fam last year because of Gary Cole. The rest of the show was pretty terrible, but I watched because his scenes were so funny. I never watched Black-ish. I did watch some of Grown-ish. I will likely watch Mixed-ish this fall in part because of Cole’s involvement.
  4. Mark Paul Gosselaar – This one isn’t so much about the actor as much as it is his talent in picking good projects. It’s at the point now where if I see he is in a show I assume it will be pretty good. The was a recast and he is now the dad in Mixed-ish. With him and Gary Cole involved, it is a must-watch for me.
  5. Emma Stone – I know some people find her annoying, but I really like her and will watch what looks like a bad movie if she is in it. My favorite is still Easy A.
  6. Amber Stevens West – I watched another bad comedy last year hoping it would get better because I liked the stars. She was one of them. I will watch her next show no matter what it is. Hopefully, it will be better.
  7. Damon Wayans, Jr – He was the other star of the above show. I watched because I love the two of them. I enjoyed them on the show, but the writing was terrible. I wanted it to get better, but it didn’t. What a waste of talent.

I’m sure there are more, but that’s who I can think of right now. I left off a lot of major stars like The Rock, Keaunu and the like because it’s not exactly a revelation that someone would watch stuff because of them. Do you have people you watch no matter what?


Day 20 Goes From First Love to Fake Love

So, yesterday I wrote about my first love. You can read that here. Today’s challenge is to write about celebrity crushes. I am supposed to pick three. I’ve had trouble coming up with three. Actually, as I type this sentence I have no idea how this post will end. Probably not well. Here goes:

  1. Ashley Judd: Ashley will likely always be on the list. It has less to do with the fact that I think she is attractive(I do) and more to do with what we have in common. Ashley was at UK when I was at UK. I don’t recall ever actually seeing her on campus, but she was there. Ashley is still a big UK basketball fan. I’m still a big UK basketball fan. She gets much better seats than me. I need to contact her next time I’m heading to the final four. Maybe she can hook me up with some good seats even though I am a complete stranger who once lived close to her.
  2. Karen Gillan: I was very late to the Doctor Who bandwagon. My first episode was the episode that introduced Clara as the companion. Clara was my first Doctor Who love, but then I went back and watched the Amy Pond episodes. I love Amy Pond. Also, I could watch this over and over and over again. Feel free to stop it when it gets to Arthur Darvill.
  3. Emma Stone: I had trouble coming up with a third. I settled on Emma Stone because I would likely watch anything if she was in it. I’ve watched Easy A several times. She’s attractive and she’s funny. Funny is good. I like funny.

I’m sure if they made a “not celebrity” crush list I would be on the top of all of them.