Sometimes My Brain is a Jerk

My dog woke me up at 5:30 this morning to go out. Normally, I would just stay up at this point, drink coffee and read the newspaper. Today, however, is my late day. I work 1-9 instead of 9-5 so I decided to go back to bed and try to get a little sleep. Unfortunately, my brain kept trying to dwell on work stress and it was a lot of work to try to get it to stop so I could go to sleep.

When I finally dozed, my brain took that opportunity to be a jerk again. In my light doze I dreamed that I was offered the promotion I interviewed for recently. You would think that would be a pleasant dream, but no. Dream brain decided to make me panic and think that I would be bad at the job. Awake, normal brain know that isn’t true. I wouldn’t go for the job if I didn’t think I would be good at the job. I would be great at the job and also the other promotion I will apply for this week. Early morning brain, however, told dream me that I would suck at both jobs. Sleep was not going to happen this morning.

I almost let dream brain give me a crisis of confidence. Maybe I keep getting turned down for promotions because MPOW realizes what I don’t, that I’m not good enough. Maybe I’m not even good at the job I have now. Maybe I should have just stayed in jail. Maybe that’s all I’m good at..if I was even good at that. Some of that feeling still lingers. My brain is a jerk.

The Weird Songs That Pop in My Head

I had no idea what I planned to write today until I was getting ready for work and the theme song of The Jeffersons popped in my head(moving on up to the top to a deluxe apartment in the sky). I decided I should do a dumb little post about this type of song that randomly shows up in my brain. These usually occur while I’m getting ready for work.

The Jeffersons theme is a common one. I have no idea why.

The Age of Aquarius is another common one. I am an Aquarius, but I never read a horoscope or think about astrology so that can’t be why this one is there.

An old, obscure Styx song is another common one. Cold War

And that’s what scares me the most

You as the host of celebrity lies

It’s prime time, baby

Can’t you see in my eyes, it’s a

Cold war

And for some reason that sometimes morphs in to the theme song of Good Times.

My mind is a very weird place.