Tater’s Picks of Madness

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! March Madness! I finally got smart and took Thursday afternoon off to watch the games. Friday is my normal day off, so I have two full days of basketball with no pesky job to get in the way. I do have to work on Saturday, so I run the risk of being at work during a UK game. I love March Madness. Now, on to my picks. This year I did not pretend to know anything about basketball. I went through the bracket, chose winners on instinct, changed a couple that I didn’t like and then left it alone. Here is the result.


1st round: Yale over LSU, Murray State over Marquette, UC Irvine over Kansas State, St Mary’s over Villanova, Seton Hall over Wofford

2nd Round: Miss. State over VA Tech, Buffalo over Texas Tech, UC Irvine over Wisconsin(Badgers? We don’t need no stinking Badgers), Cincy over Tennessee, Auburn over Kansas

Final Eight: Duke, Louisville, Florida State, Michigan, Virginia, Purdue, UNC, UK

Final Four: Duke, Florida St, Purdue, UK

Championship: Duke over UK. I just threw up in my mouth a little typing that..

I also did a homer bracket with UK winning.

Pick the exact opposite of this and you will win your pool

NCAA Bracket Projections

Before I post my bracket projections I will admit that I am  Kentucky fan and in years when they have a team with a legitimate chance to win it all I never pick against them.

Upset specials:

1st round – Rhode Island over Creighton, MTSU over Minnesota, Wichita St over Dayton, UNCW over Virginia, Marquette over South Carolina, Princeton over Notre Dame

2nd round – UNCW over Florida, Iowa St over Purdue, Michigan over Louisville, MTSU over Butler, Cincinnati over UCLA

Final 8 – Iowa St, Michigan, UNC, UK, Villanova, Baylor, WVU, Arizona

Final 4 – Villanova, Arizona, Iowa State, UK

Championship – UK over Arizona

My biggest concern with this is not UK, but Iowa St. I think Kansas has a chance to lose before the Final Four. I almost had Louisville out there, but decided to go with the hot team of Michigan and their 3 point shooting instead. Once UL is gone, Oregon is the next best, but I still had a feeling that Michigan will stay hot. I made the decision to jhave Kansas go down to Iowa St and that means it is Iowa St vs Michigan, it ended with Iowa St in the Final Four. I’m sure that bracket will be my downfall.

My Bracket Projections 2015

Here are my projections for March Madness this year:

Upsets: Buffalo  over WVU, BYU over Xavier, UC Irvine over Louisville, SF Austin over Utah, Eastern Washington over Georgetown.

Second round upsets: Wichita St over Kansas, Arkanas over UNC, BYU over Baylor, NC state over Villanova, Michigan State over Virginia.

Final eight: UK, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Arizona, Northern Iowa, Michigan State, Duke, Gonzaga

Final Four: UK, Arizona, Northern Iowa, Gonzaga

Championship: UK over Gonzaga

My 2014 Bracket Projections.

Before my projections I have to say this is a horrible bracket. Very unbalanced, teams poorly seeded. Just a very bad job by the committee.

First round upset specials:

Stephen F Austin over VCU
W. Michigan over Syracuse
Harvard over Cincy
St Joseph’s over UConn
New Mexico St over San Diego St
BYU over Oregon
Xavier over St Louis
Mercer over Duke

Second round upsets:

Stephen F Austin over UCLA
New Mexico over Kansas
Baylor over Creighton
UK over Wichita State

Final Eight:

Florida, New Mexico, Virginia, Iowa St, Arizona, Baylor, Louisville, Michigan

Final Four:

Florida, Virginia, Arizona, Michigan


Florida over Michigan

I think I have too many one seeds in the final four, but I’m sticking with it.

My Bracket Projections 2012

I am likely very wrong because I did not pick many major upsets.


First Round upsets – New Mexico St over Indiana, Xavier over Notre Dame, WVU over Gonzaga, Purdue over St. Marys.

Second Round upsets – none

Final 8 – UK v Baylor, MSU v Missouri, Syracuse v FSU, UNC v Kansas

Final 4 – UK, Missouri, FSU, Kansas

Championship  – UK over Kansas.


I must be missing a 12 over a 5. I think Harvard over Vandy is the most likely, but couldn’t pull the trigger on picking it. Georgetown will likely lose earlier than I predicted because they always do. Regardless of my picks, with the exception of UK I will be pulling for the upset in every game.

My NCAA Predictions

I thought I would feel better about my bracket with Kentucky not playing. I usually worry I have them going too far or not far enough based on personal feelings toward the team. This year there is no UK and I even have the hated Louisville Cardinals in the championship game, so no bias issues that I can see. My problem this year is that I have the Elite 8 with no seeds lower than a 5. I know that will not happen, but I don’t want to alter my entire bracket to try to pick the right upset. So, here are the highlights of my bracket predictions for 2009:

First round upsets:
Dayton over West Virginia
Miss St over Washington
Utah St over Marquette
Minnesota over Texas
WKU over Illinois
Michigan over Clemson

After that is where the problem starts. I have picked no big upsets in the 2nd round. This round may be revisited later today. I doubt that revisiting will change my final four, so here it is:

Louisville, Memphis, Pitt, Oklahoma

Louisville v Oklahoma in the championship with Oklahoma winning.