Misery Loves Company

If you’ve read my blog lately you have seen all of my whining about me having no air conditioning until Friday. We are heading into two very hot days because of course we couldn’t get two cooler days to help me out. Dealing with this is bad enough, being home alone with it makes it … More Misery Loves Company

Lacking Anticipation

I’ve officially hit a time of the year where I have nothing of note to look forward to until late May. We have passed the family birthdays. My daughter’s spring break is almost over. I no longer attend the library conferences that are happening now and then again in mid-May. We don’t do anything special … More Lacking Anticipation

Still Boring

A while back I wrote about how it’s Hard to Be a Blogger When You’re Boring. I am reminded of that as I sit here contemplating what to write. I live in a place where everything is open at full capacity. I am fully vaccinated. Our positive percentage rate is below 1%. We have fewer than … More Still Boring