My Year in Blogging

I’ve decided to start my yearly wrap up posts early this year. If I can remember what I did this year, I will do my personal year in review this week as well. Sometime around New Year’s Day I will do my year in reading post. This is a nice lazy “post my blog stats and top posts” blog post.

According to WordPress I have 5,582 views, 3,190 visitors, 914 likes and 403 comments in 2017. I know these numbers are very small for the more popular bloggers, but for a sad little blog like mine it is pretty darn good. Y’all need to work harder to get those numbers up next year. I trust you can do it if you try hard enough.

The majority of my views have come from the USA(4575) but Canada, United Kingdom. and India came in in triple digits this year. Good job other countries!

People found me with the following search terms –

  • survivor debbies delusions
  • debbie survivor delusional
  • being awkward is cool washington post
  • tater
  • i don’t believe in guilty pleasures
  • washington post date lab
  • clean and sober i’m just a little bit smarter and a hole lot older
  • world thoughts lyrics
  • tater brackets

The top referrers to my blog were Facebook, WordPress Reader, The Bloggess and Twitter

My most read post was On Marches and Life with 101 views.

There you have it. My year in blogging. I thought about posting my top 5 read posts, but that seemed too much like a desperate attempt at more clicks.




Calling it Quits on the Month of Tater

I proclaimed this the month of Tater. I was going to write something every day this month. I did pretty good for a while. I’m not sure the posts were quality post, but they were posts.  The further in to the month I got, the less I found I had to say. I started doing as little as possible to fulfill the post a day promise.

I cheated a couple of times and reblogged an old post with a new paragraph to introduce it.

I used being in NYC as an excuse to skip a weekend of writing.

I posted about NYC with mostly pictures.

I participated in the weekly photo challenge with a picture I had just posted in the NYC post.

I did a post that was just a list of Christmas shows I watch.

I’ve now skipped another day.

Now I’m sitting here thinking I should post before I go to church and I have nothing I want to write about.

It’s obvious I am not meant to post every day. So, I’m calling it quits on the month of Tater. I will go back to writing only when I feel like I have a post in me. That might mean some months I only post a couple of times. It might mean a post every day.  It might mean I eventually give up and quit the blog altogether(probably not). I will try to help myself by possibly going back to my weekly wrap up posts on Friday. Maybe I will finally write another life as a jailbrarian post. Maybe one day I will actually look in to writing for someone who will pay me(not likely anyone would want me). I’m just not going to force it again. It’s not like I’m ever going to make a living with this, so way make it seem like a job.


500th Post!

It’s a milestone here at Tater World Headquarters. We(in the royal sense) have reached our 500th post and we couldn’t have done it without you, our faithful reader. Well, I could have done it without readers, but it would be kind of pointless to write a 500th post if no one had read th first 499. So, thank you for being here and for reading my posts. Now, go buy me gifts to celebrate my milestone. Or, click here to send me a donation to support my blogging habit.

In retrospect, I should have saved my Me Now vs Me Then post for now. That would have been a good post for post 500. Now, I’ve got nothing. I’m so good at this.

There might be a break in the month of Tater tomorrow as I will be in NYC watching Hamilton tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned for pictures and reports from the city Sunday or Monday.

To make up for the lack of a decent post for number 500, feel free to go back and read some of my better posts(if such a thing exists)