Death Dreams

I mentioned yesterday that it has been a high anxiety/low mood time for me. There are various outside factors that I can pinpoint as the triggers for both of those. Those factors are still there so I’m looking at probably having another week like that. To add to the fun this morning – I had … More Death Dreams

Anxiety Time

I mentioned last week that I had talked to a friend about becoming a substitute teacher at a local private school. I procrastinated for a week and then finally worked on my resume and cover letter yesterday. I finished them and then waited hours before sending them. I told myself I was waiting for my … More Anxiety Time

First Day Jitters

I thought my first day as a paid member of the staff was going to be Monday. To start, I will be working Monday and Wednesday mornings and will generally be doing what I was already doing for free on Mondays. They asked if I could come in today to go with the person who … More First Day Jitters