Talking to Animals

On the same topic as yesterday – I spend more time talking to animals these days than I do talking to people. I thought about this last night when my dog wanted to go out during Survivor and I was telling her how had her timing was. I tell Abigail, the goat, that she’s being … More Talking to Animals


I am at the barn three days a week. Each of those days now one of my first jobs is feeding the younger goats. On good weather days we then herd all of the goats out to their larger field area. Three different people have now referred to me as the goat whisperer which is … More Goats!

Unexpected Pets

I decided to take a break from writing about how everything sucks and write about my family’s habit of surprising me with new pets.   It started one summer when my wife and kids had gone to Kentucky to visit her parents while I stayed behind. While they were out and about the kids saw … More Unexpected Pets

People > Animals

I just read an article from Michael Ausiello decrying the “shameful” portrayal of animal cruelty on the new Showtime series Shameless.  I guess Mr. Ausiello is OK with the constant portrayal of rapes and hideous murders of humans on all of the crime shows on television today.  Showtime, the “shameful” network airing Shameless has a … More People > Animals