I have been advocating for a library Facebook or Myspace page for a while now.  Just recently, I was alerted that we do have a Facebook page now(  Now the trick will be getting the target audience(Howard County residents) to become fans so we can alert them to upcoming events.

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Why am I here?

I have had several discussion with coworkers recently regarding the fact that I am on both Twitter and FriendFeed.  Usually, these discussion involve them making fun of me for being on Twitter and FriendFeed.  Arguing with them brings up the question:  Why am I here? I am not someone who will ever inspire hundreds of…

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Undecided Voter

I just took the test to see who I should vote for in the election.  These are the results: 1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100%) 2. Joseph Biden (withdrawn) (65%) Information link 3. John McCain (63%) Information link 4. Barack Obama (63%) Information link 5. Al Gore (not announced) (61%) Information link 6. Bob Barr…

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An Introduction to Me

I have blogged before.  Used to post a lot on Live Journal. Most of it was whining about personal life issues and I eventually got to a point where I didn’t want to post there anymore.  I have blogged for training at work, but it was a very dry, assignment-oriented blog.  My hopes for this…

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