90210 – Review

Last night marked the return of 90210 to television.  I was a big fan of the original and was happy to return to the zip code.

What I liked:  The parents and teachers look to be playing a bigger role this time around.   I think that bodes well for the show and will allow broader story lines.  I really liked all the actors playing the Wilson family.  I am also a big fan of Jessica Stroup who plays Silver on the show.  I like the inter-connectedness between the families and also to the past 90210(including, of course, Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty).

What I didn’t like:  I didn’t really love the actress playing Naomi.  I didn’t really like the character at all.  I hate that they already have all the guys falling in love with the new girl.  She’s cute, but there were plenty of cute girls in the school.   Lori Laughlin will be wasted if all she is is the mom who does not like the new lifestyle of the family.  Jessica Walter also needs a bigger role on the show.

I will watch again, just because I love TV and will be watching for all the connections to the past 90210(anyone else notice Hannah Zuckerman Vasquez on the school news?).   I have hope that the show runners learned a lot from their Freaks and Geeks time and will make the show better as time goes on.

Tonight’s new show:  Sons of Anarchy.

What to Watch

Here is my first impression of the fall’s TV slate.  Will be altered once I see the new shows.


Sunday: watch Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives, a show Tivoed the week before

Monday:  watch Sarah Conner Chronicles, Chuck after recording and My Own Worst Enemy, record How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory

Tuesday:  watch House, Fringe, and Eli Stone. record 90210 and Greek

Wednesday: watch Bones, Private Practice. record Knight Rider and Sons of Anarchy

Thursday: watch Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy and Life on Mars. Record ER and The Office

Friday: Watch Crusoe and shows recorded earlier in the week

Saturday: watch footbal all day.

The Young and Unreachable?

I recently started getting a little more involved in planning book clubs and other activities for adults at the library. Howard County Library has a great children’s department and our classes are filled easily the day registration begins. We also do a very good job of reaching teens. Our adult classes, book clubs, etc do a very good job of attracting people as well. I have noticed, however, that we do not get many adults in the college to early 30’s range attending these activities. We’ve tried broadening our book club audience by having three different people with different styles and taste in books alternate months leading the discussion and choosing the book. Even my oddball taste in books has not lead to diversity in the group. I am trying a pubquiz night for September in an attempt to draw in a younger crowd. I am wondering if it is just the demographic make-up of our area or if this demographic is just not interested or able to attend library events.

Stuck in the Middle

Election season is here and once again I find myself the man without a party. The democrats in my life(including my wife) all think I’m a crazy right-winger. The crazy right-wingers(my brother) think I’m a left-wing nut. There are many parts of the platforms of both parties with which I agree. There are many parts of the platform of both parties with which I disagree. I just read an opinion online today that there’s no way anyone can be undecided between these two candidates. I’m living proof that that can happen. I’ve spent this election wishing for an independent candidate to jump in the race to provide an alternative. It looks like this won’t happen. I will be tuning in to the debates hoping those will help me make my final choice. I am also not jumping into the political discussion of FriendFeed or the like. I can’t deal with zealots from either side.

As an addendum – McCain’s pick – Perfect pick for him.  Cements conservative vote.  Balances age issue. Known as a reformer with integrity(unless allegations being investigated are true).

Can’t touch this

Just a short note about a reminder I had this weekend of why words matter and the importance of using terminology people outside your “business” understand.

My pastor commented in his sermon on our mission to touch the community.   I work with the youth group.  I’m not sure it is a good idea for me to talk about touching the people I work with.   I can’t tell parents I want to touch their children.  I’m sure the church can think of a better way to express this mission.

Why I FAIL at 2.0

1.  I have never posted a FAIL in response to something not working the way I want.

2.  I have never use the phrase I Can Haz or any variation thereof

3. I have never purposely typed the word teh

4. I have never proclaimed something or someone FTW

5.  I’m sure there are many more of these that are not even on my radar.

I also feel the need to drive around the country and smack the people who do the above with regularity.  Especially teh and I can haz.  Perhaps I should log off the internet and read a nice old fashioned book.

Video games, literacy and the library

There was some discussion recently regarding video games, literacy and libraries.   Do video games increase, decrease or have a negligible effect on literacy?  If they do not make us more literate why do we have video game programs at the library? Do they really fit the mission of the library? Does it matter?

I have always considered programs like video game tournaments, DDR nights and the like as gateway programs.  They may not fit the actual mission of the library, but they may get teens who otherwise would not enter the library unless forced by a parent.  Once the teens are there, you can show them other items and services the library provides with displays of CDs, DVDs, graphic novels and, yes, books.  You can have information on any online homework help and databases that can help them wth school work available.  You might only get a few of the kids interested in these other library services, but that will be more than you had without the video game programs.

I don’t know if video games in and of themselves have an effect on literacy.  I do know video game programs can have an effect on the teen population of a library.

Hey Brett, Do Me a Favrer and Shut Up Already

I am officially sick of hearing about poor little Brett and his issues with the Packers.   I think Brett, like most athletes, need to deal with how the real world works.  If I were to announce my retirement tomorrow(I wish) the library(after much rejoicing by many) would waste no time finding a new person to replace me.  If I came back after they had named a replacement, but before they started and said I regretted my decision and wanted to come back I would not expect the library to take me back.  I would suck it up and deal with it like an adult.  I think in most real life situations, this would be the case.   I can’t understand why everyone feels sorry for the cry-baby.  You made a decision, the organization moved on and you should as well.