Knight Rider(A Reviewlet)

A reviewlet because I forgot that I should review it when I watched it and didn’t make any note of what I should say. Unfortunately, I will be watching this every week because my wife and son liked it, so maybe I will write more on it later. What I can say now is that it has perhaps the worst acting of any network show I have watched in a long time. The worst of the bad actors is Bruce Davison, who plays Charles Graiman, the head of the Knight Industries project. He is just horrible in every scene he is in. The Sydney Tamiaa Poitier also stands out as the stiffest of actors in a veritable stiff fest of a show. As for the plot: it seems the premiere episodes main goal was to set up a reason for the attractive main actors to take their clothes off. There was also mention of a secret past for the new Knight Rider, but I was too distracted by Deanna Russo in her underwear to pay much attention to that.  The effects were decent, but again the effects were overshadowed by Val Kilmer’s very boring take on the voice of Kitt.  Hopefully it will get better as I am resigned to being forced to each each week with my family.

There are people in your internet

Passing along this post I found on FriendFeed.

One of the things I have always hated about the Internet is the way people use the anonymity to be meaner and more negative in their interactions with others. Social networking turns into anti-social networking quickly. Trolls abound on message boards and blogs. This election season has been particularly bad with everyone picking their “team” and treating everyone on the other side poorly. Everyone needs to do as the blog above says and remember that there are people on the other side of those words on the internet.

NFL Fumbles Ravens/Texans Game

As early as Wednesday, the NFL had to know that a game in Houston this weekend was questionable.  The first rumors out of the league was that the game would be played, but at a neutral location out of the path of the storm.  The league immediately denied this and then waited until late Thursday to announce the game would be played in Houston on Monday night.  Now, word is out that the stadium is damaged and, of course, the city has a lot of damage and power outages.  Still, no word from the NFL on what they plan to do in regards to the game. Reports are out now that the game will be postponed.  I will believe it when I see it.  I fully expect the NFL to announce the game will be played at a neutral location on Monday night.  I can see why the NFL would want to play the game.  A postponement would be a scheduling nightmare as the league is not set up to handle this scenario.  The league could have made the right decision on Wednesday to move or postpone the game instead of leaving the players in limbo.  Now, instead of the Houston players being able to deal with any damage at their homes, they are likely sitting at a team facility waiting for word on where they need to be on Monday.  The last thing they, or the city of Houston needs to be worrying about right now is the status of a football game.

Sons of Anarchy(FX)-Review

I finally got around to watching Sons of Anarchy last night. It airs regularly at 10PM on FX and is the story of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club.  SAMCRO basically runs the town of Charming, controls all crime in the city and runs guns.  The club is run by the brother of the founder who is now married to the founder’s wife. Her son is the heir apparent.  This episode sets up a conflict between the son, Jacks who wants to follow his dad’s vision and turn the club straight, and the uncle,  who wants to stay outlaw.

All of the major players do a very good job in the show, especially the one playing Jacks.  Drea De Mateo is great in a small role as Jacks’ junkie ex-wife.  There is a nice subplot about a member of the club who’s gone straight after a stint in jail and the club’s attempt to draw him back in.  I also enjoyed the vegetarian who is trying to become a full member of the club.  It’s chock full of violence and language, so don’t watch if you don’t like this.


The only thing I didn’t get was the end when you find out one club member is an Elvis impersonator. 

Best new show of the year so far.

National Enquirer and Libraries

Someone shared this link on FriendFeed today:

If the National Enquirer continues to scoop the mainstream media on stories like the John Edwards affair does it deserve a move from the supermarket aisles to the regular newspaper location. Do libraries need to consider stocking the paper along with the local paper and The New York Times? Is it just as legitimate a use of library funds as a subscription to People Magazine? Do any libraries already carry the paper? Personally, I am leaning toward the idea that it is proving itself as a legitimate “celebrity” news source and needs to be in the material discussion for a public library.

Are You Ready for Some Book Club?

This fall Howard County Library is offering an alternative to watching your spouse watch football.  Or, if you are a man who is not a football fan, an alternative to sitting at home trying to find something to watch on TV.  Miller Branch has been experimenting with a new approach to our book club by having three staff members alternate choosing the books to get a more diverse selection.  Being the only male and also someone who is known to read “weird” and scary books, my months tend to offer books you wouldn’t normally see at a book club. In honor of Halloween, we will be reading Cell by Stephen King for the October 20 meeting.  If you are anywhere near Howard County please join us.  The discussion starts at 7PM.

Broken Politics

According to the US Constitution to be President of the United States you have to

  • be a natural-born citizen of the United States;
  • be at least thirty-five years old;
  • have been a permanent resident in the United States for at least fourteen years.

Unfortunately, there are now a few other requirements:

  • you must be wealthy
  • you must be a member of one of the 2 major political parties
  • you have to be somewhat photogenic

If you happen to be one of the few who meets these requirements, you must then drop all personal beliefs and fall in line with the part platform and pander to the party base in order to get elected.

Once elected, your entire first term is spent rewarding loyal advisers and campaign contributors with appointments. You then get about a year to do the actual job before you are once again back on the trail for re-election and doing little as actual president for fear that you might anger the party base. if you do get re-elected, you get a couple of years to try to establish a legacy before you are considered a lame duck and the country begins looking for the next rich loyal party member they want to elect.

No wonder things never seem to get better.

Skins(BBC America) – A Review

First- Full disclosure – I watched Skins only becaue I was  contacted via the blog by someone from BBC America asking me to watch it.  I had never heard of the show before and likely would never had watched it otherwise.  Honestly, most times I forget I even get BBC America.  It’s one of those channels I would watch more if I remembered to check it, but never do.  So, on to Skins.


I watched 2 episodes last night.  The first episode focused on a character named Chris who seems to be seriouslt drug-addled, insane or a little of both.  His mom had left and left him with money and he has a party.  It is imlied that the mom will not return.  He also is dealing with the effects of too much ED medication.  Other characters from the show were there, but coming in late I didn’t know who I should know and who were just one time players, so my focus was on Chris’s story.  I have to say that if this was the only episode I watched I would have called it a total mess and never watched again.  I ddn’t like Chris and couldn’t see watching him for an hour every week.  He’s just not someone I think many people could relate to and is also very irritating.  The less the focus is on him, the better the show is.


The second espisode switched the focus to Tony, Sid, Michele and Cassie.  Tony and Sid are best friends. Tony is dating Michele.  Sid is in love with Michele.  Cassie is in love with Sid and also has mental instability issues as well.  Tony is very manipulative and plans a scheme to let Michele and Sid see him with another girl so they will get closer.  From the ending it seems like maybe he is trying to draw them into a threesome or something, but it is also all about power, I think.  With Chris in the background and the focus on these characters, the show is much stronger.  Many teens can relate to Sid’s unrequited love and his difficulties with his father.  Tony provides the show with the drama it needs to keep things interesting.   All four characters are served well by very talented young actors.  The actor playing Sid stands out as the most taltented of the ensemble.  The show would be well served to focus more on him in future episodes.

I will give Skins another look and would recommend anyone who has liked shows like Gossip Girl, 90210, My So Called Life, etc. do so as well.

Rainy Day Movies

Looking ahead to a rainy day tomorrow as Hannah pushes through with the hopes that I can have a lazy day of watching movies I decided to share my list of movies I can watch over and over again.

1.  Better Off Dead – Best movie ever.  I love everything about this movie.  Go rent it now.

2.  Heathers – Another one of the few movies I own.  Very funny and dark.  My favorite kind of movie.

3.  The Replacements – I love a good football movie and I enjoy this one a lot.

4.  Remember the Titans – Another good football movie with a good historical lesson

5.  The Waterboy – Another fuzbol movie(it’s from the debil)

6.  Die Hard – Never gets old.  Action movie at it’s best.

7.  Grease – Was very disappointed that my High School Musical fan kids didn’t like it.

8.  Lost Boys – I love a good vampire movie and I loved the Corey’s when I was a kid.

9.  Breakfast Club – another of my 80’s movie favorites and the archetype of all teen movies to follow.

10.  Back to the Future – Michael J Fox is great and I will watch anything he did.  This is his best.

This is not a list of “best” movies.  These are the ones I love so much I will watch over and over again and are perfect movies for a rainy day on the couch.

90210 – Review

Last night marked the return of 90210 to television.  I was a big fan of the original and was happy to return to the zip code.

What I liked:  The parents and teachers look to be playing a bigger role this time around.   I think that bodes well for the show and will allow broader story lines.  I really liked all the actors playing the Wilson family.  I am also a big fan of Jessica Stroup who plays Silver on the show.  I like the inter-connectedness between the families and also to the past 90210(including, of course, Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty).

What I didn’t like:  I didn’t really love the actress playing Naomi.  I didn’t really like the character at all.  I hate that they already have all the guys falling in love with the new girl.  She’s cute, but there were plenty of cute girls in the school.   Lori Laughlin will be wasted if all she is is the mom who does not like the new lifestyle of the family.  Jessica Walter also needs a bigger role on the show.

I will watch again, just because I love TV and will be watching for all the connections to the past 90210(anyone else notice Hannah Zuckerman Vasquez on the school news?).   I have hope that the show runners learned a lot from their Freaks and Geeks time and will make the show better as time goes on.

Tonight’s new show:  Sons of Anarchy.