What’s Good in Tater Town 8/11/19

It was not the best of weeks. Way too much stuff stressing me out. You can read my rant about some of it here. Let’s see how much good I can find.

  1. I went to two different branches on Tuesday afternoon to see friends. I was seeing them because they are leaving, but it was still good to get to see them and other friends.
  2. I had a meeting near one of those branches Wednesday afternoon so I walked over after and had leftover dessert from the party.
  3. A storm delayed my departure so I got to spend a little more time talking to friends I no longer see every day.
  4. We went to food truck night Thursday night. I love food truck night.
  5. I went to see Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Friday morning and had $5 off food from AMC to use while I was there.
  6. I stopped at 7-11 on the way home to get my free Slurpee I had on the app.
  7. The meme I made for social media at work was somewhat successful yesterday.

I think that’s all the good I can find this week. It was more than I expected.


What’s Good in Tater Town 8/4/19

In the wake of two mass shootings in 24 hours, I thought about skipping what’s good this week. I thought about skipping it and writing my thoughts on more mass shootings, but, unfortunately, I’ve written about it too many times here, here, here, here and probably more I can’t even remember right now. What more can I say? Will it even matter? Even if more than 20 people read this would anyone care? It’s obvious that the people that matter don’t care about the lives that are lost in these events.  So, I decided that maybe the best thing to do is to go ahead with a what’s good post. I could use some good this morning.

It was a different week than I expected to have. We found out Saturday that my MIL was in the hospital. Sunday morning my wife and daughter decided to head to Kentucky to be with her. I ended up with another week alone and rarely left the house after work. I guess the lack of interaction with the world can be a good thing.

  1. I had brunch with friends Sunday morning. The brunch was a goodbye brunch, so it was sad as well, but it was good to go out and have fun with friends. Also, there was a bottomless mimosa bar.
  2. My wife and daughter made it to Kentucky safely.
  3. I had a nice note and a gift on my desk on Tuesday morning.
  4. My MIL was released from the hospital on Thursday.
  5. My daughter made it home safely on Friday.
  6. I am getting a second full-time employee at work. That will make my life easier.
  7. I had a full weekend off this weekend.
  8. We spent the day yesterday watching all 6 episodes of Season 2 of Derry Girls.
  9. It was “donate water and get a free sandwich” day yesterday at Firehouse Subs.
  10. The Braves lead is still 7 games in the NL East.

Hopefully, we are back to a regular week this week with no one in the hospital and everyone home.

A Change to My Schedule

I have several changes to my work schedule this week and I’ve driven someone to the airport twice over the last few days. That, however, is not the change I’m writing about.

The change in schedule comes from reverting back from an empty nest house to a house with a 19 year old living there. I had changed my habits for when I write, when I watch my alone shows and my reading to fit my new life of having multiple hours alone every night. I’m now back to coming home to someone already in the house.  This is not a bad thing. I like having my kid back at home for the summer. I will just have to adjust my life back to where it was before she went away to college.

I will have to try to write in the mornings before work again. I could write in the evening still, but I still feel weird writing with my family around. I don’t think they get the whole blog thing and I don’t want to have to tell them that I’m posting something on the blog. So, I will write during my alone times in the morning while the college kid is asleep.

I will struggle to find time to watch the shows I watch alone. I will have to watch in the morning or wait until she is at a friends house or asleep on the couch. We will have plenty of time to catch up on the shows we watch together. I have hours of TV on the DVR I’ve been saving to watch with her.

So, after today, my blog posts will go up in the mornings(or not at all if I sleep late) until such time that I am an empty nester again or until I get over writing when other people are around.

What’s Good in Tater Town 10/21/18

Guess what? I didn’t write stuff down again? Surprised? I didn’t think so. I can barely remember what I did this week. This will be fun.

  1. The Ravens have a home game today and it isn’t supposed to rain on us.
  2. No one has won the Mega Millions yet, so I still have a shot.
  3. Two people actually came to the library specifically to watch the movie I was showing. The first two I just got people who were in the library already and heard the announcement.
  4. The weather has been nice enough to allow me to eat lunch outside every day this week.
  5. There is some sort of Kentucky basketball on every week from now until March.
  6. Kentucky football won again last night and is 6-1.
  7. Another weekend with one of my kids coming home for dinner. It helps that he plays frisbee close by so it’s easy for him to come over for free food, but I will take it.
  8. I have multiple free coffees available at Panera, so I have an excuse to go there to read and have some coffee before work.
  9. For some strange reason, people keep reading this blog.
  10. I started using the screen time feature on IOS 12 and it has made me more aware of how many times I pick up my phone during the day. This has resulted in my average screen time going down this week. I needed that.

Have a good week. Maybe this is the week I start noting good things as they happen.

What’s Good in Tater Town 10/13/18

If you guessed that I once again did not write stuff down throughout the week to make this easier you would be correct. I don’t think that will ever happen. I hope at some point to have a week where it is easy to remember the good. Right now, I’m consistently having weeks that stem from boring and mundane to irritating and stressful. The good is not jumping out at me these days and I do not foresee that changing any time soon. So, let’s see if I can get to ten things this week.

  1. I upgraded to the new IOS and discovered that Waze now works with Apple Car Play. I can now use the good navigation app and see the map on my dashboard, It’s a little thing, but it made me happy.
  2. It was a holiday week and I had an all day training on Thursday so I had two days this week out of the branch with limited contact with other people.
  3. A friend bought a doughnut for me on the way to the training because she knew I was having a bad week.
  4. I filled in showing the teen movie at work on Friday, so for two hours I got paid to eat popcorn and watch Love, Simon.
  5. A cold front kept the hurricane from making it north enough to give us excessive rain.
  6. The cold front finally broke the spell of summer like weather and it is nice and cool outside.
  7. I was able to see where my son is working now when I volunteered at an event yesterday. I also saw him. I guess that is good. I’m not sure how he felt about it.
  8. The volunteer work involved walking in the woods for an hour and a half. It was nice to be outside and away from the boring suburbs for a while.
  9. I still had money on my Grilled Cheese & Co. gift card he gave me for Father’s Day so I had a good lunch after I was done.
  10. No work and no one else at home yesterday meant that after lunch I was able to nap on the couch while watching football.

What’s Good in Tater Town 10/7/18

Once again, I didn’t think to write things down during the week. One again, it will be tough to do this without notes. I’m in a stretch where I’m not exactly excited to leave the house in the morning. It’s hard to find the good when you feel like it’s a mistake to leave the house in the morning. So, let’s see if I can find ten god things again…

  1. Both of our kids were home for dinner last night. We’ve seen them both a few times since school started, but it’s rare these days for both to be here at the same time.
  2. The new Andrew Smith book Rabbit & Robot and Iron Flower by Laurie Forest both arrived at the library this week.
  3. The Walking Dead comes back tonight. I know it’s the cool thing now to hate the show, but I still like it and I’m interested to see how they write out the main guy.
  4. We’re in a good sports period. Postseason baseball has started, the NFL is ongoing, the NHL has started, college football is going strong, NBA preseason is here and college basketball is right around the corner. It’s even better because my teams are doing well.
  5. Tomorrow is a holiday for me. I have to work today for 4 hour, but I get tomorrow off. Maybe I will actually leave the house and do something fun.(doubtful)
  6. We’ve had a nice stretch of days with no rain. We did have one storm Thursday night, but other than that it has been dry. We’ve also had some nice cool days and more are coming next weekend.
  7. I’m thankful for coffee. A few minutes relaxing with a good cup of coffee can help make a bad day better.
  8. I am completely unaware of whatever drama there is with the public school parents of Anne Arundel county. I’ve unliked the school system Facebook page, I no longer follow them on Twitter and I no longer belong to any associated groups. One of the bonuses of being an empty nester.
  9. Meetings at the offices next door to my old branch meant seeing friends more than usual. I just wish they would schedule my meetings on farmer’s market day.
  10. Future me will be thankful that today me has decided to stop insisting on 10 things on this list every week.

I am going to try to remember to write things down this week. It will make this a lot easier.

What’s Good In Tater Town 9/30/18

I’m going to have to start writing things down during the week so I can remember them for these posts. I’m sure many good things happened over the week, but looking back it all seems either boring or stressful at first glance. The following will be me doing my best to remember 10 good things while typing.

  1. It stopped raining! It hasn’t rained since early Friday morning and there is no significant rain in the forecast for several days.
  2. It is also nice and cool out this weekend. I sat on my deck reading for a couple of hours yesterday. I need more days like that.
  3. I went out with friends last night. I used to see them every day at work and now it is at most monthly. It was good to spend time with them and also good to not be sitting at home on the couch.
  4. Speaking of sitting on the couch – the fall TV season started. If you read the blog, you know I’m a big TV guy. I’ve enjoyed watching the new shows and having new episodes of my favorite returning shows.
  5. The Kentucky football team is now 5-0 and is fun to watch.
  6. The baseball playoffs start this week and I have a reason to care about them as long as Atlanta is there. I miss caring about post-season baseball.
  7. People actually came to the first session of my new book club at work so I wasn’t sitting alone in a room.
  8. After a week or so struggling to want to read, I’ve finally got a book that makes me want to keep reading.
  9. More people keep regularly reading my blog. It’s good to know I’m not just talking to myself.
  10. Both kids are doing well. My son has turned in his grad school application and will graduate in December. My daughter has found a good group of friends at school and is enjoying the college experience.

That was harder than it should have been.

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What’s Good in Tater Town

A blogger friend does a weekly gratitude post. I decided that something similar would be good practice to remind myself that even in the bad weeks I should try to find the good. So, here is the first in the possible new weekly “What’s Good in Tater Town” series.

  1. Both of my kids came home for a few hours this week. Different day than the other, but both were here.
  2. I was able to take some last-minute time off to rest after a long couple of weeks at work.
  3. I met with our new CEO on Friday and she didn’t fire me on the spot.
  4. We had some days without rain this week and I was able to mow my lawn before I  needed a tractor.
  5. The Braves clinched the NL East and are going to the playoffs for the first time since 2013.
  6. Kentucky football beat #14 Mississippi State last night and are 4-0. 2-0 in the SEC for the first time in a very long time.
  7. My fantasy football team is 2-0.
  8. I’m on the second day of my first full weekend off in three weeks.
  9. It’s raining, but my wife still plans to pity me and go to the Ravens game with me today.
  10. Cooler, less humid weather is here.

Ten seems a good goal for each week. Hopefully, I won’t have weeks where I struggle to come up with that many.



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