Beyond Romance: Celebrating Genuine Friendship in Ted Lasso

I was going to title this “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” but it turns out I already wrote something under that title. It was on a somewhat similar topic – relationships between TV characters.

I am a fan of Ted Lasso. One of my favorite parts of the current season is the friendship between Roy Kent and Jamie Tartt. Two people who started as enemies experienced personal growth and became friends. There was a very good scene where Roy’s niece invites Jamie to “Uncle Day” because she thought Uncle Roy’s best friend should be there. Of course, they both denied being best friends. It is the best part of the show now.

After that episode, someone from TVLne wrote this article:

Apparently, they think that it only makes sense that two men who show affection toward each other must be gay and should date. Never mind that there has been no indication through the series that either man has an interest in dating other men. Never mind that Roy and Keeley are obviously the couple reasonable people(like me) should be rooting for. They are two attractive men who like spending time together, therefore, their being in a romantic relationship is the obvious endgame for this writer.

My main problem with this article is that it takes away from how great it is to have another good make friendship on the show. Especially for characters like Roy and Jamie who have shown a resistance to opening up to other people. I wish we had more shows that depicted strong male friendships, especially when those males are the typical alpha male types.

The article also reminded me of a book I read a while ago. I can’t remember the title. I do remember that it seemed like it was going to be a book about the friendship between a teen boy and his gay best friend. I remember thinking how great it was that the book was showing how you can and should remain friends with someone after they come out. How their being gay does not change your friendship and how you feel about them. Message teen boys could use.

Instead, by the end of the book, the other boy realizes he is also gay and in love with his best friend. Because, apparently, the only worthwhile relationship is a romantic one.

Roy and Jamie don’t need to be in a romantic relationship. Roy and Jamie already have the relationship they need – a growing friendship. The type of relationship we all need.


7 thoughts on “Beyond Romance: Celebrating Genuine Friendship in Ted Lasso

  1. That article pisses me off, and takes away from the sentiment of the show and growth of the characters. As I’ve stated before, the show is about fathers and sons and what it takes to be a man. Value heartfelt friendships and positive role models above all else

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  2. Women have long done friendship and support really well. Men tend not to. So, actually the most usual storyline is for the friendship to remain just that – a solid, sound, supportive friendship. Men need to see more examples where it’s both healthy and commonplace to have that type of same sex friendship – because all the stupid wisecracks have long abounded, and done no good but untold harm.

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