I’m Easily Distracted

I had a post planned for Monday and then wrote something different after I saw a post from someone else.

I have another post I keep meaning to write. I didn’t write it yesterday because it was a barn day and then I did the post about the new TV season.

I thought I would write it today. I have the time to write it today. I’m writing this instead because I am easily distracted.

Yesterday I started getting a message on my car that the radio and all other systems that usually stay on for a bit after I turn the car off were off to save battery. That means I most likely need a new battery.

Hopefully, once I get myself together to leave the house, the car will start and I can drive it somewhere to get the battery tested and most likely get a new one.

That can be done at any time today. It should not have changed my writing plan, but it did.

In my head, I keep thinking that I don’t have time to write it because I have to deal with the car.

But, I’m writing this. I obviously have the time. I just don’t have the brain focus to write anything of worth right now.

I might write the post I was planning to write this afternoon and then schedule it for tomorrow in case tomorrow morning is another morning when I decide I have too much going on to write anything substantial.

I should be doing that anyway. I have time in the afternoon to write. I just got out of the habit.

Does this happen to anyone else? Do you let random things derail your writing plans?


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