ABCs of Self Care

I had planned to babble about returning to the real world this morning.

Then, LA posted her ABCs of self care.

Even then, I was planning to do that as a future post. But my original idea was not bringing me writing joy, so I have changed gears and will attempt my ABCs of self-care.

A – Animals – My dog, my cats, the horses, the goats, the barn cats.

B – Breakfast – I always take the time to have something for breakfast.

C – Coffee – coffee always helps when I need a lift. I went to Starbucks a lot when my job sucked.

D – Dog – My dog is always with me now that I am home most days. She forces me to leave the house and go for walks.

E – ESPN – I love sports and some days I have ESPN on in the background all day while I work. The best times are when The Olympics or the World Cup means games are on all day.

F – Family – life is always better when we are all together. It’s even better when we are in Kentucky with more family

G – Games – I have a variety of games I play throughout the day. It works my brain and gives me something to talk about with family members who play the same games.

H – Horses – My work at MTR has given me a purpose and a place in this new era of my life.

I – Interaction – I am not a big people person, but it’s been good for me to get out of the house and interact with other people

J – Jokes – Laughter is the best medicine and I am hilarious.

K – Kentucky – I need to go home more often, A break to visit family always boosts my mood.

L – Luxury – Splurge sometimes. Get an expensive meal. buy the concert tickets, and treat yourself.

M – Music – the right song at the right time can do wonders

N -Naps – I am trying to be better about napping. I am up very early in the morning. A nap will give me more energy for my family in the evening.

O – Open – Be open to new experiences and opportunities.

P – Puzzles – I used to do more crossword and logic puzzles. I still do the daily mini from the NYTs but I want to get back to the bigger one.

Q – Quality time – I will always choose time with people I love over anything.

R – Reading – the worst part of the pandemic for me was losing my ability to focus on a book. Reading has always been my escape.

S – Self – Seems like cheating to put this here, but one thing I am trying to work on is to stop putting myself last. I am important.

T – Television – I watch it I write about it. It’s an important part of my life.

U – Unlearn all of the negative thoughts about yourself.

V – Volunteer – giving back is important.

W – Writing

X – Does anything good start with X?

Y – Y is this so hard?

Z – Zeal – find something you love and pursue it.

That was much harder than I thought it would be.


4 thoughts on “ABCs of Self Care

  1. Good answers! How about xylophone for X? It makes such a bright, sparkly sound. All I can think of for Y is yellow, but that only works if yellow makes you happy.

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