Our Egypt Adventure: Random Thoughts and Observations

What’s Good in Tater Town will return next week. In my final Egypt post, I will list some random thoughts, observations, and events.

  1. We arrived in Cairo and realized that the room we were given was not the room we had booked. They said there was a mix-up that resulted in a double booking. They did refund some of our money, but I still can’t believe they thought it was OK to do that without warning.
  2. Cairo traffic is crazy. A lot of cars. A lot of honking. Most cars rarely stay within any lines that may be painted on the roads. It works, though. The traffic moves and we never saw an accident.
  3. The Egyptians were good hosts even though they were always late picking us up for events. It was nice on arrival to have someone from the government there to let us skip all of the lines in the airport.
  4. I drank very little coffee while there. It wasn’t due to a lack of access to coffee. It was mainly because, by the time I was at a place where I could order coffee, I was more in the mood for a cold drink and had juice instead.
  5. I also drank no alcohol while there. There is no wine with meals on Egypt Air. There was no wine served at the fancy dinner. Most restaurants did not serve alcohol. You had to be at a bar/hotel mainly for tourists to find alcohol on the menu.
  6. The weather was pleasant in Cairo and Alexandria. Luxor and Aswan were very hot and you had to try to do most of your activities in the morning or at night. If I was going back and picking the dates myself. I would definitely go in late fall/winter.
  7. We have the business card of someone in Luxor who owns boats and other businesses. If you ever plan to go to Luxor we can give you his name and you will have a contact there to get transportation.
  8. We hired private cars for our travel to sites outside of the cities. That is the way to go. It was nice to have an air-conditioned car waiting for us when we were ready to leave.
  9. I was both disappointed and relieved that our hot air balloon ride was canceled. Disappointed because we all really wanted to do it. Relieved because I have an extreme fear of heights and it would have been very hard for me.
  10. People were generally very friendly in all of the cities.
  11. It still seems unreal that I was able to see things that I always assumed I would only ever see in books or on TV.

Now, back to the real world.

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4 thoughts on “Our Egypt Adventure: Random Thoughts and Observations

  1. As a long time overseas dweller, I smiled at the hotel situation. I’m afraid that’s exactly what I’d expect. If they told you ahead of time, then there’d be an expectation they’d do something to rectify it. But if they left it till you arrived, staff could simply shrug and say there was nothing they could do – which, in truth, is probably true, as it was too late by then.

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