Our Egypt Adventure: Day One in Luxor

We arrived in Luxor early in the morning. We decided to rest a little before we headed out for the day. In hindsight, that was a mistake. It got very hot very fast and we would have had a better time had we started earlier. Live and learn.

Another mistake we made – we took the public ferry over instead of hiring a boat. The ferry was very cheap, but unlike the ferry in Aswan, it was not convenient and took much longer. We ended up taking a private boat from the ferry dock to Karnak Temple because it was a very long walk. That turned out to be a good decision as we got the card of the guy who owned the business and called him when we needed rides back. We also hired his felucca later in the trip.

After all of the boat drama, we arrived at Karnak Temple.

You had the option when leaving the temple to walk the Avenue of Sphinxes to the Luxor Temple side of town. My son opted to go that way. We took a boat. We met up at a cafe for lunch and then headed back to the room to rest and wait for it to get cooler before we left again.

Unfortunately, Luxor Temple closed earlier than we thought so we were not able to go in. We then went to the market. I hate the market. The market exhausts me, but everyone else got the souvenirs and spices they wanted.

We then walked to a local restaurant for dinner. I didn’t get a picture of the food, but I did get a picture of the non-alcoholic malt beverage I tried. It was not what I was expecting, but I’m glad I tried it.

We then headed back across the river to the west bank to sleep and get ready for an early day the next day.


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