Our Egypt Adventure: Alexandria

Rather than stay in Cairo for another day while waiting for our flight to Luxor, we hired a car and did a day trip to Alexandria. I was a little stressed about this. It was a long drive and it left us just a little time to pack before heading to the airport. It all worked out fine. We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare and the Cairo airport is very easy when you are flying domestically.

We started the day at an ancient Roman Amphitheater.

We then went to the Alexandria library. We had a guided tour scheduled, but we arrived early so we just walked around on our own. I’m glad we did. It was faster and we were still able to see everything we wanted to see.

And then to the catacombs

And, finally, the Citadel of Qaitbay.

I was happy we decided to do the day trip. It was an interesting day and a nice, calm buffer between Cairo and Luxor. I was able to nap in the car to and from the city. The car took us to the front of each location and was there to pick us up when we left. We had a nice lunch on the water. It was a bit north, so it was cooler than any other place we visited.

I might do an extra post this afternoon so I can split Luxor into multiple posts and still be done this week. Luxor seems to be too much to have all in one post.


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