Egypt Trip Day One

We are resting after a shorter day two in Cairo so I decided it was a good time to share a little bit of the experience.

We arrived in Cairo at 6 am local time yesterday. Our hosts met us at the gate and got us through getting a visa and passport control without waiting in lines. We then lost all of that time when our bags were the last ones out

We got to our apartment with about 90 minutes to rest before our cars arrived to take us on our first adventure.

Step Pyramid

We first went to the Step Pyramid. We took some shortcuts on the way and I was a little startled to wake up after a car nap and find us driving down tiny roads in a small village. We did make it to our destination, though.

The Step Pyramid is a pretty big attraction with the pyramid, some tombs, and other things to see. We got the standard ticket so we did not go inside.


It took us several times telling our driver we wanted to stop in Memphis for him to actually take us to Memphis. It was an open-air museum. The highlight was the large statue of Ramses II.

I looked for Graceland but couldn’t find it,

The Red Pyramid

Our last stop was the Red Pyramid. It was just the pyramid. If you zoom the picture you can see the steps we climbed to the entrance. You can go down into the pyramid. We got part of the way down and my wife wanted to go back up. Once I stopped and let the height and closed-in space get in my head and I also went back up. My son made it all the way down. Once I knew it was basically going down, look up at the interior, and then immediately climb back up and was OK with just hanging out on the pyramid waiting for them.

We had dinner at a local place that my kids found on Trip Advisor as a place to get street food without the street part. We had hawawshi, chicken shawarma, and fries. Five of us ate for $17. Then we walked back along the Nile.

It was a long day but a good one.


4 thoughts on “Egypt Trip Day One

  1. The Nile walk sounds lovely. I have a gorgeous watercolour painting by an artist family friend of Dows on the Nile. Let’s just say that the riverside development makes it clear just how much it’s changed in my lifetime. What a great experience for you & your family!

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