Tater’s Week in Review 4/22/23

I did not watch a movie or finish a book this week. I did have a couple of old movies I’ve seen before on in the background while I did other things. but that is it.


The lawn mower repair place never answers their phone or calls me back. I guess I need to borrow a mower from someone for this week and try to find someplace else to get it repaired.

The field party at MTR is scheduled for the exact time the storms are supposed to hit today so it will be an indoor party instead.

I did three lunch and learns at the farm this week. I learned how to lunge a horse, describe a horse’s actions in a non-interpretive way, and a little bit of ASL.

I have now gone two Sundays in a row without attending church. UI should change that this week.

I did not publish much on Medium this week. My head has not been in a place to write anything I felt was Medium-worthy.

TV News and Views

ABC renewed Station 19, Will Trent, and the Rookie.

Survivor this week felt a little more like classic Survivor. There was no new twist, two old tribes were fighting for control after the merge, and someone was voted out because someone used an immunity idol correctly. We need more of this.

Abbott Elementary’s season finale aired Wednesday night. It looks like the will they/won’t they will linger for another season.

It looks like A Million Little Things might end with a death after starting with a death. I know that is a realistic way to go, but I would have preferred they not be leaning toward killing my favorite character.

We’ve been watching a lot of old seasons of Amazing Race lately. I’m looking forward to getting a new season at some point.


I didn’t finish a book this week. I am still reading Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver. I like it, but it is not a fast book. I might go to more audiobooks after I return from my trip next month.

On Deck

I have Plane on DVD. My wife wants to watch that one, so we will most likely watch it this weekend.

The season finale of Magnum is tomorrow night. That was a quick season.

From returns on MGM+. I enjoyed season one.

I am still reading Demon Copperhead.

I’m supposed to read Killers of the Flower Moon for book club Thursday night. I’m not sure I will make it.

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9 thoughts on “Tater’s Week in Review 4/22/23

      1. It is very good. The main character has a very dry sense of humor and is very pragmatic. Very realistic, the characters. We both like it when we get tired of all 48 hours-who did the crime?

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  1. It’s funny about the “fast” book. I’m enjoying a book now but it is a slow read..I realize everything can’t be a page turner, but sometimes it’s tough.

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