Welcome Back My Friends to the Week That Never Ends

Time seems to have been flying by for me this year. Now, it seems to have stopped.

Every day this week I have thought it was at least a day later in the week only to realize I was wrong. It seems like it should be Friday and it is only Wednesday.

Part of this is due to me going to a lunch and learn at the farm on Monday. My first day at the farm is usually Tuesday so that threw me off.

I then returned to the farm yesterday afternoon for another lunch and learn. So, I’ve been there three times this week when I am usually there twice. It makes it feel like my week should be over. I don’t plan to go to the lunch and learns today and tomorrow, so maybe that will help me get back on track.

My wife is also out of town for the second consecutive week. She left Sunday afternoon when she typically leaves for work trips on Mondays. That also messed with my internal clock.

I haven’t gone to church for the past two Sundays. My Sundays have felt more like Saturdays.

I have two extra people living in my house right now and their schedules are weird. I never know when people will be in the house.

I’m in a very low mood period right now.

All of this combined has me really off-kilter this week. I need the week to end, but it is the week that never ends.

How is it only Wednesday?


4 thoughts on “Welcome Back My Friends to the Week That Never Ends

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself Tater. I have a calendar so I know what day it is. When one is retired, every night is Saturday night. If we have a visitor more than two days, we suffer mental problems and require meds.


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