Day One Away From the Shoulds

I wrote yesterday about all of the things I think I should do and in the comments, it was mentioned changing should to want. I am going to give that a try.

I did mow yesterday but I looked at it differently, I didn’t mow because I thought I should mow, I mowed because I knew I would be happier today if it was done. I was right. It is part of my attempt to do nice things for my future self.

I have more outside work I could do today. My thought yesterday was that I would do it today. It doesn’t need to be done today, but it would be easy to go into the “I should do that” mode.

Do I want to do it? No. It is going to be very hot today and nothing that I was going to be doing needs to be done.

What do I want to do today?

I do have to take the garbage out today for pickup tomorrow.

I have my therapy session at 9.

I have backpack deliveries after that.

Otherwise –

I want to rest.

I want to finish my book.

I want to watch Single Drunk Female.

I want to get my free coffee at Wawa.

I want to get food out instead of cooking tonight.

We will see if the wants win or if the shoulds force their way back in today.


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