In a Winter Mood

I find myself missing winter these days. Not the cold or the snow. We didn’t even get snow this year so there is nothing to miss there.

I kind of miss the dark.

Besides Christmas, the one thing I love about winter is the permission to not be busy.

The days are short There is no grass to cut. It’s dark at 5 and feels like night and time to stay under a blanket on the couch with a book or a TV show.

Even the busiest of people slow down a little when it’s dark before 5.

We hibernate and hunker down until spring.

Now, spring is here. Daylight lasts until after 7. It is a time of renewal and awakening.

I still want to hibernate.

People are out and about. The parks are full. Kids are playing soccer and baseball. The lawnmowers are active again. The world is active and alive.

For me, all this means is a few more hours of daylight alone time. A few more hours when I just want to hibernate, but the world is telling me to get up and out.

It means adding yard work to my list of things that need to get done even when I don’t have the motivation to get things done.

It’s spring, but I am still in a winter mood.


5 thoughts on “In a Winter Mood

  1. I read a book called “Wintering” by Katherine May where she talks about the need to hibernate, especially when you suffer with depression. I’ve been wintering for the past couple of weeks while spring has been springing out all over the place, but it’s what I’ve needed to do. I’ve been trying to figure out something and it’s been a tad overwhelming. I still don’t have it figured out, but have decided to transition organically rather than make a big announcement and all change kinda thing. I find I’m feeling able to appreciate spring rather more now.

    Maybe you need to indulge in your need for a bit of wintering Tater?

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