Worst Giveaway Ever?

We received an email this week from Royal Farms to be ready for an Easter egg hunt promotion at the stores today.

Today they sent an email and a text to say each store had an egg hidden outside and that the person who found it would get a prize.

I needed gas and was stopping at Royal Farms anyway so I looked for the egg and found it.

I went into the store and they told me to open it. All that was inside was a small bag of M&Ms. That was it. That was the prize.

Worst giveaway ever?


10 thoughts on “Worst Giveaway Ever?

  1. We used to have an egg hunt in our park by our house for the kids. The firemen put it on and died hundreds of dozens of eggs. There were a few plastic golden eggs and my daughter found one when she was three. She turned it in for a stuffed bunny bigger than she was!

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      1. It would be, but at least you won! You reminded me of Palm Springs water park where I took the kids for an egg hunt in the wave pool. They had laminated statements inside of what the prizes were. They included a free soda up to $100!

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  2. Indeed, a terrible promotion! I found the egg at my local RoFo store after spending about 45 minutes looking for it and ultimately finding it in an impossibly difficult location, inaccessible to the average person. There was a mini Kit Kat bar inside the egg. Store manager/employees took my name and email address associated with my Royal Farms app, adding that the person who found it would be awarded points on the app. When the points never came and no live person would answer the company’s customer service line, I finally got a different store manager tell me that there was one “golden” egg distributed to all the RoFo stores and only the person who found that would get awarded points. Translation: We’ll give you points for free on your birthday. Or let us allure you into our stores on Easter and commit your time and energy into an activity that will give you about a 1 in 200 shot at earning a few points in the app. Had I known this I would have never wasted my time with this gimmick!

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    1. I’m glad my store didn’t make much of an effort to hide the egg and I was there for gas anyway. finding the egg there only took me a couple of minutes. They should have been more clear that only one egg was a winner.


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