The Church Search

I’ve mentioned before that I am on the search for a new church. I have attended four churches over the past month This is what I’ve found:

  • Three of the four churches made a good first impression with special parking for first-time visitors
  • Two of the four continued the good first impression by making sure you felt welcome after you entered the building.
  • One continued the good impression with a handwritten postcard sent to me after I attended written by the person I talked to at the welcome table.
  • Three of the four had coffee for attendees.
  • All four had worship bands that felt like they were leading worship and not just the opening act for the headliner(sermon) putting on a show
  • Two of the four seemed aware of timing and had what I consider a reasonable length of service
  • One is apparently a church where they might have services that last 2 hours
  • I felt like two of them might be a place I would consider attending regularly
  • One was a definite no for various reasons
  • One was a maybe
  • The search has exhausted me mentally and I think I will choose from the four instead of trying to find the perfect fit.

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