Tater’s Week in Review 3/25/23

Yet another week without watching a movie. I did finish two books.


Kentucky lost to Kansas State in the NCAA tournament Sunday. My only rooting interest in March Madness now is to cheer for all upsets all the time. That’s working out pretty well.

Still searching for a new church. The one I visited Sunday definitely was not it. I’m starting to consider just staying in bed on Sunday mornings,

As usual, I published a few articles on Medium that got very little attention. My Medium account mimics my real life.

TV News and Views

Grey’s Anatomy has been renewed for a 20th season.

FOX has renewed Alert and Accused.

ABC has canceled the game show Final Straw after one season.

You is ending after season five.

I watched a lot of basketball this week even though Kentucky was eliminated. I love that we have a tournament with no 1 seeds left.

I was looking for a show to watch alone yesterday and started Eternally Confused and Eager to Love on Netflix. It’s a nice, easy, 30-minute show about a young man in India who is socially awkward and talks to his inner voice in the form of a wizard figurine. I like it.

I still watch Survivor every week and I still long for the old-style Survivor every week.


I finished two books this week.

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi – This book takes place in a land where the king has destroyed magic and everyone who was practicing it. Zeile’s mother was one of the Maji killed. After a chance encounter with Princess Amari, Zeile heads out on a quest to bring the magic back. Amari’s brother, Inan, is intent on stopping them.

This was a very good YA fantasy book with appeal to people of all ages. Great word-building and short chapters make it an easy, enjoyable read I thought it could have been a little shorter and I wasn’t a fan of the usual YA romance tropes in the story, but I would recommend it to anyone. Even the people in my book club who don’t read fantasy liked it.

Heartstopper volume 1 by Alice Oseman – Charlie is an openly gay year 10 student. Nick is a cheerful, good-hearted year 11 rugby player. They meet when seated together in class and become good friends. Is it possile they could become more than friends?

I had heard of Heartstopper, the books, and the TV show, but had never read or watched it. I had been thinking I should read a graphic novel and then a friend mentioned these so I got volume one and two the next time I was at the library. I liked this one. The characters are well-developed. The relationship builds realistically. The art is good. I would recommend it and I might watch the TV show,

On Deck

I have Violent NIght and Spoiler Alert on DVD from the library.

The season two premiere of Yellowjackets is on Showtime tomorrow night. I loved season one.

The season, possible series, finale of All American: Homecoming is Monday night.

The season finale of Alaska Daily is on Thursday night.

I am about to start reading All My Rage by Sabaa Tahir.

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