Throwback Thursday: Axe Throwing at a Library Conference

Five years ago I was in Philadelphia for the Public Library Association Conference. A snowstorm hit the east coast the night before the conference. I was lucky to be able to change my train to leave before the snow hit. I was able to get an extra night in my hotel because another conference was canceled.

I made it and had a good time at the conference. I said yesterday on Facebook that going to conferences is the only thing I miss about the library world. I was very active with the Maryland Library Association and was on the conference planning committee every year. For a few years, I was the person who organized and wrote the questions for pub quiz night. I loved conference time.

My favorite part of PLA in Philadelphia was the axe-throwing fundraiser I attended. It is my only time axe throwing. I was pretty good at it, but I choked in the finals of the tournament.


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