The Midnight Train to Somewhere

Amtrak announced late night fares recently

I can go from BWI airport to NYC for $15 if I am willing to leave at 4 AM. I can do the same for the trip back if I’m willing to get back very late. I can do a day trip to NYC for $30 and then whatever I spend whjile there.

I can do Philadelphia even cheaper. $5 each way. $10 for a trip to Philly and back.

These fares were made for me. I have no problem being on a train at 4 AM. I can nap on the ride. I might struggle more with getting home late, but I can sleep when I am home.

I think this is what I needed to finally get out of the house and do some day trips.


8 thoughts on “The Midnight Train to Somewhere

  1. That’s fantastic! You definitely need to take advantage of those fares. There’s a lot to do in Philly, and they have some great places to eat. Reading Terminal (I think, downtown) has a bunch of food stalls with both carry-out and fresh food in a lot of variety.

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