Tater’s Picks of Madness 2023

The NCAA brackets were revealed last night. In past years, I would have spent the day studying the matchups, reading up on the teams, and making what I thought was an informed decision.

Those days are long gone.

The brackets were revealed at 6. CBS had the bracket games open later last night. I filled my bracket out in about five minutes based on little more than my gut and what little I know from watching some games this year.

The key to bracket success? Read what I have to say and so the complete opposite.

Here we go.

Upset Specials

First Round

Charleston over SDSU

Furman over Virginia

Louisiana over Tennessee

Iona over Connecticut

Second Round

Kentucky over Kansas State – homer pick

Arkansas over Kansas

Iona over St Mary’s

Final Eight

Alabama. Arizona, Purdue, Marquette, Indiana, Texas, Arkansas, UCLA

Final Four

Arizona, Marquette, Texas, UCLA


Texas over Arizona

Final Thoughts

I’m not really happy with my bracket, but I did look at it a couple of times and didn’t see any big changes I wanted to make.

I have fewer first-round upsets this year. I hope I’m wrong.

I have two west coast teams in the final four. I’m usually much more east coast biased.

I also have a bracket where Kentucky wins the entire thing. I do that every year no matter how good the team is.


5 thoughts on “Tater’s Picks of Madness 2023

  1. What a shock you have a bracket with Kentucky winning, lol! I haven’t yet dug into the details on this year’s bracket, but I can say there looks to be a lot of lower-seeded teams to choose from in picking “upsets.”…seems like more than the usual number of bracket-busters.

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