Tater’s Week in Review 3/11/23

I’m back to my non-movie ways. Mostly because I am trying to keep my DVR from filling up. I did finish one book this week.


My wife has now been away for two weeks now. She is supposed to be home tomorrow. I guess I need to learn how to live like a civilized human again.

My search for a new church started last week. It’s hard to decide which places to try, You can’t tell much from a website and reviews are usually either glowing reviews from church members or mixed reviews from guests. It’s all just going to different places until you find the one that fits.

It was break week at MTR which means no lessons and a quieter barn shift.

I used the last of my free birthday food this week which means I now go back to eating what I cook for myself every day. That’s sad.

TV News and Views

Barry and Succession will each end at HBO after their next season.

TVLine reports that a renewal is unlikely for The Resident. It has been my favorite medical show for a few years now.

I didn’t watch Supernatural before watching The Winchesters. The finale was very much for Supernatural fans. I still enjoyed it, but I would have liked it more had I watched the original. It will make for a good series finale when The Winchesters is inevitably canceled.

It’s still a little early to have any favorite players on this season of Survivor but I am enjoying the cast so far

I’m amazed at how much trouble the chefs on Next Level Chef are having with timing this season. People are not getting their plates on the platform in time. People are not grabbing a main ingredient before the platform is gone. I get that it is hard, but how do you not adjust after the first time?


I finished one book this week.

Freewater by Amina Luqman-Dawson – Twelve-year-old Homer and his little sister Ada flee from Southerland Plantation one night. They must leave their mother behind when she is captured while trying to go back for their friend Anna. While fleeing their pursuers, they run into the swamp where they are rescued by a secret community called Freewater. Homer is determined to go back and save his mother and protect the community from a threat he discovers.

I picked this one up because it won both the Coretta Scott King and the Newbery Awards this year. I can see why. It is a very compelling story told from the perspective of multiple characters, both in Freewater and on the plantation. We see the world through kids who have never known a life outside of Freewater, the newly free Homer and Ada, Anna who is still in captivity, and the daughter of the plantation owner. It ends on a very exciting, very hopeful note. I did think it was a little too long, but most books are these days, Highly recommend it.

On Deck

Violent Night is on hold for me at the library.

The season finale of The Last of Us is on tomorrow night.

Superman & Lois returns this week.

I am about to start reading Unnatural History by Jonathon Kellerman

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