Live Like You Were Dying

I wrote this one three years ago before we knew how bad the pandemic would be. It would prove to be even more valid than I expected.

I’ve been successful in two of these. Still more work to be done.

The World's Common Tater

Last week started with a text from my brother asking me if I had heard about the death of someone from our high school. She was from his class. Two years older than me. She was married to a friend of mine from my class. She died suddenly during the night. I can’t imagine what her family is going through right now,  I had lost touch with them over the years. I had not seen them since I graduated from high school. We were friends on Facebook so I saw periodic updates on their lives. I didn’t really know them anymore, but it was still a sad way to start the week.

That week also was the week I was listening to the top 1000 country songs on a station on Sirius. I had been trying to time it to finally hear the top songs. I finally got there on…

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